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8 years, 4 months ago
Having read this post about OnLive, became interested in this project. Went for a walk on their website. And of course I could not pass by the declaration offering registered now, to receive an annual subscription free of charge.
Followed the link. Though in one of terms of agreement it was written that only users from America and neighborhoods can regitsya, I decided to try, and suddenly they consider Russia as the neighborhoods …
"To be eligible for this offer, you must be 18 years of age or older and located within the contiguous United States, provide a valid VISA, MasterCard or Discover card (your credit card will not be charged to take advantage of the free offer) and pass a computer and Internet connection performance test."

I entered the data (well except what provider and the postal index) and sent the request, without hoping for any development.

My surprise when today at half past two a.m., me the letter from OnLive, came with the message, that I was selected from the list of expecting was big! In the letter it was offered to continue registration that I without delay also made.

After validation of all data entered by me (the address in US, by itself, was driven in left. Other data real). The system reported that I am registered. It was necessary to download the client further. Downloaded. Weight of the client of all that 544 KB.
After installation to me suggested to enter the data:

Having entered soap and the password, I received here such result:


In our region, you see this service is not available …

Well and it is fine, loss is not big. After all I received annual registration. Suddenly, within a year it will be possible to be selected to America, well or developers will be honored to open servers and for Russia …

Generally, until registration ended yet, I advise you to join in the list of waiting. Maybe to you will carry ;)

PS Crept in at me thinking while the post wrote: it can is possible it as a thread through a proxy to zayuzat … Who has what thoughts?

PSSMOYEY the purpose should not on … at someone or that to crack that, simply if they gave me access to service, I want to test it …

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