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11 years, 5 months ago
The Hollywood newspaper Variety writes that the largest developer and the publisher of computer games the Electronic Arts company on Monday sold the rights to the screen version of the most popular game for all history — The Sims, together with all additions and expansions for it.

The film company 20th Century Fox acted as the buyer. John Davies (John Davis) on whose account such pictures as "Norbit's Tricks", "When the stranger" and "Eragon" calls will shoot the movie on game. The basis of the movie will be formed by a plot on which the hero suddenly receives an absolute power over people around. The idea in general is not new so big problems with the scenario should not arise.

The game The Sims for seven-year-old stories dispersed on the world in number of 85 million copies and brought to the authors $1,6 billion. Her creator — Will Wright (Will Wright).

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