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8 years, 11 months ago
In LiveJournal there is a blogger of bablaw who on Habrakhabr is generally mentioned in connection with intellectual property and a copyright.

Now there was an occasion to break this tradition as fresh blogozapis narrates this blogger about emergence of the new three-dimensional printer capable nevozbranno to print live human body tissue (for example, blood vessels — even such small as capillaries) with  a micron accuracy necessary for this purpose.

Here the photo for drawing attention:


Polonius at Shakespeare speaks: "All  be above correct to itself". ("  This above all:   to thine own self be true". "Hamlet", act 1, scene 3.) Here and bablaw remained is quite right to itself: he considers first of all kopiraytovy effects of such invention. It is clear, that if there is a printer and it prints, then there will be a fight against non-licensed printing, human flesh patenting, extermination of non-licensed people (or separate extremities)  and so on.

News in itself about printing of bodies was considered on Habrakhabr  in September, however  its that anti-utopian turn which appetites of kopiraytovy right dealers inevitably have to give it, still quite remains new and novel.

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