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9 years, 2 months ago
As it is known each flesher has to create a flash website, game and experiment in 3D :) Now hands reached also 3D. I liked a slogan: "No to 3D demos in a flash, you give applications" therefore being guided by what is pleasant in this cycle of articles (lessons, tutorials — call as you want) "Away3d Universe" you dear reader will pass complete (I hope :)) a way of creation of three-dimensional game in a flash.
To use the examples given here, Flex Builder 3 with SDK of version 3.2 or above is necessary. Of course Away3d can be used also with Flash CS3/4, but Flex Builder 3 is represented to me is much more convenient for the developer.
Having decided on tools it is passed to setup of an environment for projects with Away3d.
The first we need to raschekautit from svn Away3d library for Flash Player 10 — — in the away3dFP10 folder. To whom to take laziness from svn, can download archive here. Small retreat, I will use and compile under Flash Player 10 because the gain when rendering increases by a third (in 10 m a player there is already a rasterization bitmap at the level of a player, but not program a code).
After that we open Flex Builder 3 and we create new Flex Library project "Away3dFP10":
Away3d Universe — the Episode 1: Installation and setup
Away3d Universe — the Episode 1: Installation and setup
After adding we saw that the bilder issued the whole leaf of errors of assembly, because of the fact that the project by default gathers under 9y Flash Player. We will change the compilation mode under 10y to Flash Player. So the first that should be made — to come into project properties of library and to open the category Flex Library Build Path:
Away3d Universe — the Episode 1: Installation and setup
where it is necessary to delete playerglobar.swc, and then to add other playerglobar.swc which to be in c:\Program Files\Adobe\Flex Builder 3\sdks\3.4.0\frameworks\libs\player\10\playerglobal.swc:
Away3d Universe — the Episode 1: Installation and setup
The Link Type parameter of the new added playerglobal.swc should be changed to External:
Away3d Universe — the Episode 1: Installation and setup
Then it is necessary to add a compiler toggle - target-player=
Away3d Universe — the Episode 1: Installation and setup
On it the Away3d installation comes to an end. In the following part we will create the first project with a three-dimensional scene.

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