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9 years, 2 months ago
It was necessary to purchase euro the other day, browsed courses on the websites, it turned out that the sber had the most profitable. After a call to them, it turned out that in department which works late hours there were no cash euros. For a number of reasons it was obligatory to convert rubles into euro on the same day. Therefore it was accepted to bring the deposit to euro, to deposit funds rubles, and next day to take away already in euro.

Flexible course

At a sber flexible course. to 1000 one course, from 1001 another (it is better for the client) therefore it turns out that it is cheaper to purchase 1001 euros, than 1000 (we pay less, we receive more)

Non-cash converting

As a result I found out that at operations with currency they have a commission. Till 1000 uye — 30 rubles, after 1000 — 70 rubles. What places into place all problems with a flexible course as at the expense of a difference in commission charges the course is almost aligned.
But not in my case! As I carried out non-cash converting — I was exempted from the commission.

Thus, if it grieves you to pay the commission, but at you is slightly excess time, it is possible not to buy currency for hard cash, and to put money for the deposit in currency necessary to you and at once to remove. Maybe in other banks there is something similar.

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