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9 years, 7 months ago

The RichFaces command with pride declares an output of the next version of library – 3.3.1 GA. The special Photo Album demonstration application which is available to downloading was also developed. The application is created with use of the RichFaces components.

New components and functionality

With 3.3.1 releases several new components appeared. The components intended for imposition of the HTML page were the most long-awaited. Also with this release there was an opportunity to use subjects which will supplement already existing functionality for a task of appearance of components (skinnability). In addition to the called components one more component appeared —.

Components for the HTML layout, subjects

the component provides a convenient method of the organization of a marking of the page by creation of separate blocks: "header", "footer", "content", and "sidebar". Besides, by means of this component it is possible to set the different HTML parameters of the page such as DOCTYPE, meta information of the page, page heading, etc.

both are based on Yahoo UI CSS Grid and serve for forming of blocks (grid) which you will be able to use for the organization of structure of the page. These components provide to the developer a wide range of opportunities at imposition of the page.

With this release conceptually new functionality – subjects appeared. Subjects – the configured page marking defining as will look the user interface. Subjects are set by means of the theme attribute of a component. Subjects allow to experiment and configure a type of the user interface just as it is done by "skins" (skins). Own subject can be created by means of Maven of an archetype which creates a template for a subject.

It is possible to learn about these components having read the article Layout components for RichFaces 3.3.1, and also official documentation on RichFaces in more detail

Maven Resource Dependency Plugin a main goal of which is created to reduce quantity of JavaScript and CSS files loaded in on the page. The plug-in allows to load only those resources which are necessary for those components used in the application into the application. This functionality considerably facilitates "weight" of the application and reduces the speed of its loading.

The fixed bugs and improvements directed to stabilization of work of components

More than 1100 defects and errors declared through Jira were eliminated – details can be received, having got acquainted with Release Notes

The RichFaces developers improved automatic tests (with use of Slenium) that will provide higher quality of components.

Demo Photo Album application.

Developers put a lot of effort to create the full-scale application where the most part of the user kontroll is implemented by means of RichFaces.

The application is available to downloading and contains bright examples of that as it is possible to use RichFaces in practice. In the application such components and functionality as are used: drag-n-drop, (WYSIWYG editor) and others.

Plans for the future: release 4.0

The main attention of design team of RichFaces will be directed mainly to 4.0 release: a main goal of this release — integration about JSF 2.0, and also stability, higher performance and ease in use of the RichFaces components. All discussions and plans are available on the following pages:

In the middle of the summer 3.3.2 release which will be oriented only to correction of errors and defects will take place.

Useful links:

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