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9 years, 6 months ago
The Apple company intends to purchase the microblogger Twitter service for $700 million, ValleyWag with reference to information obtained from own sources reports.
According to ValleyWag, now Apple and Twitter are in a stage of negotiations. If they come to the end with success, then will be declared purchase of Twitter at the beginning of June at the Worldwide Developers Conference conference which is annually carried out by Apple …
It is especially interesting to read it after article on Habré: "Twitter and poppy — together for ever".
Earlier already leaks about intention to purchase Twitter the Google company behind $250 million or the Facebook company for $500 million emerged …

It is taken with "Journalists learned about intention of Apple to purchase Twitter".
Read in more detail: "Could Apple Buy Twitter?"

P.S.: I very much would like an extensive discussion of this news, but for this purpose it is advisable to place a topic in the blog of "Apple", and for the lack of a sufficient karma I publish here.
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