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11 years, 8 months ago
Microsoft will publish the source code of the key Visual FoxPro components. At the same time the company will not continue development of legendary DBMS after version 9.0.

Opening of source codes is performed within the CodePlex project which was created especially for these purposes in June of last year.

The company guarantees user support of Visual FoxPro up to 2015, including standard support till January, 2010, and further — according to the special plan.

The command of creators of FoxPro will be scattered on other departments of Microsoft. Actually, the company closes this project and publishes source codes only in order that independent programmers could receive in the future though some chance to save operability of the systems written on FoxPro.

Independent programmers perfectly understand that they were buried alive. FoxPro — excellent DBMS on which it is still possible to carry out many tasks, but in the absence of support to use this technology extremely risky. Therefore all look for an output from current situation. For example, it is possible to begin rewriting of programs under the Visual Studio (.Net) and/or SQL Server already now. It is possible to find the help with this problem on the English-speaking website or at the Russian-speaking forums FoxPro Club.

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