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Recovery of sight by Shichko-Bates's method.
Zhdanov V. G. lectures. Analysis. Response. Additions.

Briefly, and in fact:
0. Tested, helped, now sight is more than 160%. For the first 3 days of occupations recovered with 85 to 100 because a task simple. I support by a palming and six general exercises.
1. It is possible to learn according to video, but it is necessary to understand what there is a speech about and to have enough motivation and internal discipline.
2. As exercises the simple and efficient techniques based on the way Bates are given.
3. If undertook to recover sight by this method, the more strict to follow approach, the bigger waits for you success; if something was podfiksit, it is not an original method, but Rabinovich sang though he can work too. For example, it is a little simple "to refuse points" — it can even do much harm, it is worth doing exercises, it will bring benefit.
4. Extract from a method:
To refuse as fast as possible points. To weaken-train six glazodvigatelny muscles. In work to do three-minute breaks on a palming, to enter into a habit to do exercises for eyes (to the left - the right, diagonals, a rectangle, the dial, a snake) at a stop, in transport. To periodically do solarization of eyes on a candle.

Following the results of the first 20i minutes of life of article on Habré, there were a partial pressing and links to resources. Personal experience and recommendations are cleaned in in the log. Further reasonings on a subject follow. If you are interested in just short description of a method and experience of its application then read enough!

What is it?

Six-day course of intensive general improvement and recovery of sight on the basis of the theory of sight and exercises for William Bates's eyes and a method of psychoanalysis of Gennady Andreevich Shichko.

Where to take?

There is a lot of sources. I will bring here a little for full value of article.

Zhdanov V. G. lectures. "Return yourself sight" in six parts. Detailed Content of Lectures
Detailed abstract of the first lecture
The short summary and links to six video lectures for downloading


As always, at representation of any innovation and especially check of which requires own time and intelligence, crowds of sceptics and inductors appear. Here — actually, Google in the help; I took offhand a couple of relevant subjects, already on demand "Shichko Beytsa Zhdanov's Method" it is possible to uguglitsya: several ten of relevant links. For example, the Kovrov Forum has some discussion on this subject. In this article I give rather positive assessment of lectures therefore that there was no zamylivaniye of perception and sticking on others experience, it is possible to read contrast opinions and to compare, the critical view of things as a rule strengthens a positive effect from perception of information at people harmonious (those which live both feelings, and logic) and aggravates at people tsentrichny (on a context comparison clear). That you — business only will see in them yours, and these are only your feelings; in one book not to read about the feelings; only some can prompt as to find it.

The purpose of this article to meet desire of understanding as as there occurs how and when works. First of all, just it is worth understanding What there is a speech about. Further, one may say, what is yuzat by the NLP, please, creates feeling of accurate intention and confidence in correctness of own actions. Yes. The central point in success of this technique is the internal state. The achieved goals are rather simple: improvement because the person of the patient is, generally speaking, a nonsense. The human body has the huge potential and margin of safety, system of advance giving of signals and samoregulyation for maintenance of health. As the achieved goals are simple, the success is made even by power impact on subconsciousness: induction on a healthy lifestyle, self-programming by means of the diary. That is, when at the person heart stops, do it an electroshock to return to life, further when direct threat of death receded, it is necessary urgently to begin to treat and be treated. This person accustomed from children's age that the truth should be looked for in the Pravda newspaper that enrichment by information goes generally from the outside already with great difficulty without external support will be able to feel what is an alpha a brain status how to cause the changed consciousness status the thought what is creative process by request, use of dreams for a solution of tasks, and all this together and every day :) On all this the coordinated work of mind and feelings is required, and the above described person already hears, but does not comprehend, already lives as though he does not live. It is absent, first of all, for itself. The rest — consequences. And so this natural system professor Zhdanov, possessing the strong feeling of own correctness, both loosens and activates. Upon termination of a course even of people which also did not suspect before that the consciousness something can will pay attention to the organism. Further development — already from age and a maturity of soul, so to say; Result: the person who realized it and has a sufficient internal rod, will be able to adapt technicians for himself and is successful to complete a course independently and to reach the new level of self-development concerning the previous experience. It is even not the first step, this step — an output from the cellar on the ground floor. Ahead still a huge pyramid of improvement on which mister Zhdanov even does not lead the conversation because the purposes others. In six days it is necessary to carry out very dense and specific work.
Many will notice methods of synchronization of the lecturer with audience:
— Who has a short-sightedness? Raise hands. — Here your problem and trouble, - with intonation of partnership and readiness to help, in this situation are easier to trust in the person, and it is correct as the pupil shall trust the teacher;" — who had a far-sightedness? Raise hands. Here, I Had a far-sightedness too
— induction of a practicality of a method. That is the living person who faces them was wearing spectacles, and now — without points. Besides basic mechanisms of subconsciousness become more active: "and, the!". I emphasize, an effective and efficient method, synchronization. The word induction should be perceived as the scheme, an information transfer method, without emotional coloring in this case "And! Inductor! In a blast furnace!", simply we understand processes.

It is here too important to carry out the analysis after a while; not to aggravate feeling of scepticism, strengthening protective barriers to receipt of new information, namely inquisitive mind to comprehend that as well as why works and to adopt this skill. When I opened for myself that there are not all people are interested in the world thus and that it not in general the most sweet for them in the world — to learn it, I was extremely surprised, but it is other history :) That is one business: to schizophrenic place missile defense, and another matter everywhere: to have rockets which are simply unreceptive to any missile defense. Or to go to the pool in a life jacket or just to learn to float. Here already everyone selects the scheme which is closer. People, of course, are different and labels badly and well here we do not hang out, just different models. Ancient China spoke, Let there will be all flowers. Let.

It is interesting to note a method of use of a limited number of similar patterns in creation of sentences. The speech becomes structural and schematical, feelings of understanding of process, therefore the bigger confidence is easier acquired, created.

Striking examples. Good lectures abound with the bright and checked examples from where there is an accurate conviction: Sight will be recovered. An example with Kramorov, an example with Zhdanov, an example with his mother to whom doctors prescribed a blindness. At the same time fairly says that with a flat eye it will longer be necessary to work. That is the definition range of a method is wide, however it gives examples where to help actually already extremely difficult (actually, it is impossible, most likely, but I just use tolerant formulations) when the person with a stick comes, besides shows that does not bend both imaginations and mysticism it is necessary to discard. Too important aspect: the person in an explicit form does not appeal to need of belief anywhere, just explains the mechanism.
Speaking briefly, during occupations rather powerful emotional vector setting a powerful field for the movement of thought is put if to use D. S. Verishchagin's terminology. At first the positive pole will be organized: We will well see! And further installations: points — optical crutches — the strongest negative image integrated to the current situation. From this provision directly there is a wish to run! And where? Is where! See above in a notebook; accurate algorithms instructions are given; so lectures are constructed very skillfully and informatively from the point of view of material supply, it can study too. Such method can serve excellent service when setting any purposes.
However there are also not absolutely successful examples and they are evident. As to treat it — business is exclusive yours, I consider effective selective approach: accumulation and registration of perfection and advantages of a method and statement with or simple lowering of unsuccessful or irrelevant formulations, or their modification and improvement for. There are people who having noticed imperfection and a mistake, cross out for themselves all image in general. Together with water splash out also the child. It is possible to focus long attention on errors when another already takes the best and will promote ;-) To whom do we prove? For what we prove? Itp. I will pay attention that it is 2000, the situation considerably changed since then to the best from the point of view of capability of the person to introspection. It from the personal point of view of statistic analysis.

Concept of false and true programs for consciousness.
In these parts the most trivial language, literally on butterflies and fingers professional. The purpose of a course is not the explanation of the reasons and mechanisms from where these programs undertake and as it works at more abstrakty and overall power information level. Interesting aspect, phrases "People are not guilty … They were so programmed" itd, itp. Here the lecturer removes stress from sense of guilt that allows to look for a moment at a situation not eyes of a zashuganny rabbit, but from outside, it is not important with what, it is simple — on the other hand. He tells simply "Them so programmed", leaving exhaustive explanations "who", "why", "why". It is clear, that ability to look at a task from several parties is an important tool in improvement in general. As one my wise acquaintance told, "In the world there is no place to the stationary points of view at all, the stronger cling, the stronger you fall later". But it if you dvizhtsya, I add. So, the talented lecturer removes sense of guilt, sticking a protective dose from similar thoughts, but right there and works for installation of other, healthier programs with which expediency all already it seems as well as agree, and everything is good. And what occurs now if the person watches video lectures at himself on a komputer and just listens to the lectures "for the general development", satisfactions of information hunger, anything. He received an injection, but active did not take actions. Further these thoughts remain in subconsciousness and everything works already in the opposite direction: "And what I can do! It is still/already age, at my age not to solve this problem!". And the new injection of a samoopravdayaniye removes need something to do, but to continue to ache about unfortunate life it is possible, it is bad! And here now interesting aspect. Its this state of affairs arranges! Subconsciously. Subconsciousness of the person always aims at the fact that it suits it because it is responsible for capability to survive, it has feeling that promotes a survival and that is not present. If since the childhood at the person the program sits that the person provided financially — it is bad, only the speculator and the thief can drive such car, the fair and spiritual person cannot earn much and tp, then in what business he would not be engaged, attempts will be provalna: his subconsciousness will be just takes out from a success zone to the current true fields of values. And mortgaging programs (let and as if hammering with the hammer a pile, for the simple purposes it rolls as already repeated) in subconsciousness, the person changes subconscious paradigms of thinking, working with subconscious fields of values "badly" and "well". Poison is associated at the majority with accurate and strong feeling "badly", health — with "well". Creating anchors and associating consciously some images with zones, clear for subconsciousness, we also set subconsciousness work. I will repeat, it is not a limit, and these are simply the simply and obviously noticeable to any person as an internal combustion engine or flat-nose pliers or the hammer tools; further — is more interesting, thinner, more effectively and more. Total, the explanation of some intermediate and important mechanisms of work of subconsciousness, but here only on a question "why" answers is not on everything is given. Inquisitive mind to continue independent searches.
Diary. Alias.
Good method of removal of responsibility and sense of guilt — very important aspect during the work not at the most deep level with causes and effects, and on such intermediate. That is misters here and pay attention to a karma, bypass it more precisely, isolate. Interesting method. Simple and working, however, I will repeat, it kvikfiks, further it is worth passing to more perfect means. And here why a maiden name of mother — hz why the name a middle name cannot be changed — too hz.

About installations and the diary.
Some installations just admire with the simplicity and practical naivety. And actually, how to move off to the neurotic dead center? It is very started case, and the truth, it is necessary to relax, that is to begin from the future, "next time I will behave quietly and is balanced" and tp. (And difficult in this approach, in this most following to follow the emerged installation and not to postpone until the following time :), however, when the thought is when there is an alternative, it is already simpler to select behavior model, than in emergency situation to think out something new. If to follow entropy model of the world, then it is the same model of orderliness, increase, entropy reduction — that is at first increased entropy — gave weak point, but it released energy for a further samousovershenstvoaniye, and further on an autoreference spiral it is already simpler to go, it is important to rise on the first step of a ladder and in general to see that this pyramid is.

Vit, Propolis. Purchased only recently and I can note a positive effect actually! These dietary supplements (it not drugs and, in it also their attractiveness) were lucky to be used during one period powerful power the practician which I carried out; positiveness of result so extends to all events taking place during this period; therefore responses the most positive.
Contribution. Has purely psychological character, about it Zhdanov fairly and tells. In case of independently passing of it "there is no kick outside" and to other person to have tasty apple before itself a little that to aim at it, it still needs and to enclose irrevocably the energy to make actions: it is sure, you often heard from the acquaintances, "well everything, signed up for courses, already paid, now it is necessary to go, will not get out" or "I need the good trainer Who will Force me to work, otherwise cannot". This consequence of a habit to obtain and information what to do, and energy on actions from the outside. And who will give this information and energy? Correctly, only the one who needs it. And healthy, independently and freely conceiving person, by the way, the person, is not so necessary to society. It is possible to tell as much as necessary about freedom of reason, but the most useful slave, is that which considers itself(himself) free. If you require such stimulation (besides, without emotional colourings, it is simple — the fact!), remit to somebody a debt, present these 3000 rubles or better purchase a gift on them to the loved one, money in vain will not leave ;-), and you will have an incentive that "Now all! Occupations are paid."

Addition to exercises;

Your workplace — your training site
I spend considerable part of time behind the monitor. As learned the central fixing exercises, and then understood usefulness of the small text, on walls wall-paper various Reference Cards appeared. Very conveniently, effectively it is also useful: a large number of information is located on the small square and it is always available. In breaks, you drive off the following mechanism Works: the brain approximately remembers what has to be written in this place in view of the number of repetitions, sees a semi-accurate image, tries to associate it with knowledge, there is a communication of feeling with knowledge,
Conclusion. Your feelings and your thoughts — the most exact tool for self-improvement. And All — skill ;-) Progress!

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