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9 years, 8 months ago
Belarusians created the airplane with an oval wingAt the Minsk enterprise "Kamerton" the working model of the light aircraft with an oval wing of the closed type is created, "The Belarusian military newspaper" in the article "The Ellipse Submits the Sky" reports.

The normal airplane is able to afford rather small attack angle — only about 13 °. If this number is exceeded, the machine can lose control. But the unit equipped with an oval wing of the closed type can increase this corner. Videos prove that the device weighing 1360 kg with the engine with power only 260 p/a comes off on attack angles 17-19 °. Such maneuverability allows to make landing or to perform take-off from rather small platforms.

Belarusians created the airplane with an oval wingThe following advantage — profitability. At you weed the normal airplane on the ends of wings there are vortex flows. The oval wing has no such shortcoming that gives a prize in engine capacity for 30-40% therefore it disperses at small draft.

The model was steady also against impact of a side wind on take off and landing. Normal An-2 when to it in a board wind with a speed of 6 m/s blows, is forced or to change a take-off course, or in general to cancel weeds. And this aircraft maintains a side wind twice stronger.

According to the Minsk inventors, the idea of the similar device soared in air long ago. The German, French, American designers repeatedly and unsuccessfully tried to equip aircraft with a wing of the closed type. All results of their experiences were carefully analyzed, and errors are corrected. All work from the beginning of theoretical calculations to the idea embodiment in the model took 15 years.

Now by the airplane ground tests with jogs and approaches are executed (that is the model disperses and flies up per meter). There is a process of patenting of the invention in Belarus and Russia.

By the way, the chief of bureau of the perspective Tuning fork technologies colonel in resignation Alexander Mikhaylovich Anokhin says that design and creation of essentially new aircraft is not priority activity, but "Tuning fork" is engaged in navigation development of systems.

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