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12 years ago
On tapes of a number of news agencies with reference to unnamed
source messages that appeared
The Ministry of Defence did not approve the draft decision on distribution of frequencies for third generation of cellular communication (3G). There was it during a meeting of representatives of the Defense Ministry, the Ministry of information
technologies and communication
and State Commission on Radio Frequencies (GKRCh),
preceding GKRCh meeting devoted to this question. By words
source of news agencies, military demanded to provide
additional information concerning working conditions of operators in
range of 2,1 GHz which is going to be used for 3G.

The Federal Communications Agency (Rossvyaz) which was carrying out work on clearing of frequencies for 3G are surprised with a similar position. "Heads of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications and Rossvyaz did everything possible to start issue of frequencies under third generation of cellular communication — the agency head Andrey Beskorovayny says. — We calculate that in the Ministry of Defence will explain why they interfere with implementation in Russia of the latest information technologies, and we hope as a result for a positive solution of a question".

From the agenda of a meeting of GKRCh which will take place on Monday the question about 3G is not removed, and the solution on it will be brought up for vote of members of the commission. The commission consists of 18 people, from them four are representatives of the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications and different structures subordinated to it (including the chairman of the commission, the minister Leonid Reiman) and two — representatives of the Ministry of Defence. If military with operators are not able to come to the approved position, then the result of vote will depend in many respects on a position of other security agencies. In addition to the Ministry of Defence, now two representatives of Federal security service and on one representative from the Federal security police, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Service of foreign intelligence and the Ministry of Justice enter GKRCh.

"The question with issue 3G if drags on, then for a while — the director of analytical department of J'Son &Partners Boris Ovchinnikov believes. — Under pressure of the public military will be forced to recede sooner or later". However the question with 3G in Russia dragged on as it is for several years. VimpelCom mobile network operators and MTS in 2001 organized pilot zones 3G, but since then the beginning of distribution of 3G-frequencies is postponed every year.

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