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10 years ago
Each of you at least occasionally pays attention that the interlocutor during conversation takes eyes aside. Gaze direction changes depending on a topic of conversation, to the attitude towards you, statuses and the identity of the interlocutor.

In terms NLP it is called eye keys of access (eye accessing cues)

Not to wait for the next conversation with the person to pay the attention to gaze directions of the interlocutor we will use competitive work Michael Simon Toonof "Thought Moments" for BritishFilms. I cannot provide an example, more visual, than this

The author of a roller uses the following keys:
IMAGINATION — imagination MEMORY — memory
EXPRESSION — expression LANGUAGE — language
EMOTION — emotions LOGIC — logic
Still pictures according to the scheme:


The scheme is right for most of people, the truth with certain personal nuances. For example, for lefthanders inversion around a vertical axis is possible. Therefore it is desirable to check this scheme in each case, it is also right for most of the people, except for Basques. They have no division on designing and reminiscence. (what in them such special … or UFO arrived and left Basques?)

Becomes clear expression "goes woolgathering"

P.S. Author's description of a roller
Thought Moments is a Buddhist term for the mental states that we experience after a physical or mental object enters the mind. This film examines subjects during such thought moments. It does this by recording reactions to questions that are seemingly innocuous, but actually seek to reveal our true nature.
The moments of Reflection (Thought moments) — the Buddhist term for statuses in which there is a mind after penetration into it of physical or mental entity. This movie is directed to studying of people at such moments. A research technique — record of reactions to the questions harmless at first sight which are actually aiming to slightly open the valid nature of the personality

P.P.S Test questions for experiments
[Up-to the right] there are Visual memoirs:
  • What color your input door?
  • As you looked a year ago
  • What form of a window of cars in the subway?
  • How many floors in the house in which you live?
  • What is represented on the 10-ruble note?
[Up-to the left] there is a Visual designing:
  • Provide yourself with red hair
  • If to invert the card, then in what direction there will be a southeast?
  • Imagine a purple triangle in a red square.
  • This jacket will be combined with green trousers / a skirt?
[To the right] there is an Audialny reminiscence:
  • Whether you in yourself can hear the favourite musical piece?
  • What door in your house creaks most loudly? How the busy signal in your phone sounds?
  • What voices at your parents?
  • May you hear choral singing in yourself?
[To the left] there is an Audialny designing:
  • How loudly it will turn out if ten people shout at the same time?
  • How your voice under water will sound?
  • Provide the favourite tune sounding twice quicker.
  • What sound will be made by a piano when it falls from the tenth floor?
  • What the mandrake cry will be similar to?
  • How the chain saw in a shed from riffled iron will sound?
[Vniz-Vpravo] Internal dialog:
  • What tone you talk to yourself?
  • Read a children's rhyme silently.
  • When you speak with yourself from where your voice sounds?
  • What do you tell to yourself when affairs go badly?
[Vniz-Vlevo] Kinesthesis:
  • What would you feel, putting on wet socks?
  • What it is similar to — to lower the legs to the cold pool?
  • What feelings you would feel, having pulled a woolen sweater on a naked body?
  • What hand is warmer now — right or left?
  • It would be how pleasant to settle to you in a bathroom with warm water?
  • What to the touch velvet?
  • Remember a sal ammoniac smell

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