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Came it is time to talk a little about practical part of a video podcasting. In the works I use Sony Vegas, it just a matter of habit, for those purposes that face us in this article, almost any video editor will approach.

Not to go far, let's look at the list of such programs, not the most complete, but the choice, you see, is rather broad:

Let's begin with Windows:

Now Mac OS X:

Now Open Source projects (the most part is available under Linux):

Also there is a class of online programs, that is they can use irrespective of OS in a window of your browser:

Here … :) And now let's pass already at last to our today's subject — simple video-tape editing into Sony Vegas. You can claim that all this can be made in much easier and all to the available Movie Maker program, and will be right, but article essence in BEGINNING to use Sony Vegas, gradually passing to such things which Movie Maker'U did not dream.

Let's open Sony Vegas (in my case — Sony Vegas Pro 8.0). Its interface does not look very difficult, it that also is not. At the very bottom a big field, will be located with audio and video of a track there. Them can be much, that is one video can be played against another, all this to be framed with a background music and audio effects. Now there is no track therefore let's make a new video track. Video — because the picture or a text acts as video in this program.
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
The new track is created and it is empty. It is a high time to insert … I think, it is necessary to begin with heading. There are several options, eventually it is possible to insert the picture (simply to drag the file from any place in sony vegas in this track), but it matters only in certain cases. If it is necessary to insert the text and just the text, then I offer the following.

To select that place where there will be a heading on a track, we press the right button on svezhevydelenny and we select Insert Generated Media. Further we select Sony ProType Tittler - it is a convenient method to create any texts. Doubleclick on a big black field — and here we already enter the text:
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
Having entered the text, it is necessary to click 'Esc' and we will be able to move and change its sizes as we will want. At the left — parameters, I they think to you are familiar even if they is not present — just move a romper suit and you will understand their assignment at once. By the way, the text can be entered into several lines and to change parameters of each segment separately, that is we about ease can make here so:
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
As soon as you finished text insertion (we will talk about any effects and additional settings in the following of times), just close this window. Now on our video track there is first video — several seconds of the text. It would be healthy if this heading slowly appeared from darkness under music and also slowly vanished. To make it as easy as shelling pears.
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
This segment of video in the upper corners has blue triangles. If to guide at them the mouse cursor, then it (cursor) will turn in … khm … hardly I can explain the turned-out geometrical object, but you will understand at once — drag this blue triangle aside and receive approximately it:
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
Smooth lines turned out. These lines show emergence and an ischezaniye of the clip. It is very easy to regulate them — it is possible to make other speed or other place of the termination/beginning of such effect.

And now the second part of our desire — "under music"! To insert any audio-file as easy as shelling pears — drag it from any place in the Sony Vegas window in the field of tracks. If there is no track, then it will be created automatically.

The audio-file can also be "darkened" — slowly to increase speed till some moment. It becomes in the same way.
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
I think, it is already clear to you that here occurs. Slowly music accrues, slightly quicker from darkness the heading appears, then disappears, music continues to play. All these actions take seconds, and as a result we have a pleasant beginning.

Well, give already at last we will pass to the video series! Let's drag the video file on the same track where at us the heading lies. The audio-part it will lay down on the lower audio-track, but we do not need such stratification therefore we will take audio from the svezhevstavlenny clip and will drag slightly below — the new track automatically will appear.
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
I suggest to make the following: the heading slowly "turns" into video, at this moment music calms down then to play by the end of video again.

For a start we will reduce a few duration of demonstration of heading — we will just drag this clip for the end, at the same time shading will remain untouched at the end. Then "we will drag up" video to heading and we will impose one on another. It will look so:
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
In a yellow rectangle, vspyvshy at movement, the number — 1:00 — is shown one second. It is that time frame when one video turns into another, such soft junction and it lasts one second. Naturally, it is possible to drag and increase or reduce this period.

Now it is necessary to muffle music for the period of video. For this purpose put the cursor approximately where it is on a screenshot above, at the same time the second track (for this purpose put the cursor, clicking a zone of the second track, that is directly the red musical file) has to be selected and click "s". It will separate our file into two pieces. Be not afraid, physically nothing happens to it, but for Sony Vegas these two halves play a role of separate files and all their parameters, since provision now, it is possible to change independently from each other. That we will also use it. I will just show a screenshot, and you already have to understand what occurred.
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
One small stroke: at a sound number of the video clip (the lowermost track) it would be better to make the same effect of emergence and attenuation, parallel to converse effects at a stop and continuation of music.
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
Well, we will go further. I want that after continuation of a song we observed other video which that will accelerate, to be slowed down. Such here "vzhzhzhzh-vzhzhzhzhzh" - effect.

We insert video, a sound from this video to us not to be necessary therefore at sound part it will be necessary to put volume on 0. For this purpose we direct the mouse cursor at the upper bound of the audio-file and we drag down. Further we break video into 4-5 pieces, such operation is already familiar to us. Total:
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
Now we will be engaged in svezhenarezanny pieces. As you can see, them at me 4 — two of them short and two — long. Short we will slow down, long — to accelerate. To make it as easy as shelling pears — it is necessary to change only their size (drag and drop of one end familiar to us) with the clamped Ctrl key.

By the way, I said that I skroll a mouse will increase and reduce scale? Is not present? Khm … and costed because it is very convenient.
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
Having increased scale, we see such picture. Such lightnings — stretched have that video at which speed is changed if record is slowed down, squeezed — if is accelerated. Quite visually!

You know, I want to finish this plain clip with the fact that the picture slowly loses color, turns in black-and-white, and then finally disappears. Let's create a new video track. It will appear in the top. Let's take the last piece of video, with the clamped Ctrl we will drag to other place on a new track and so that they ideally matched. To pull as you understood, it is necessary for video, as at normal movement, but not abroad, as at change of speed. The clamped Ctrl will give will turn moving to copying.

Now we will apply our normal shading: the upper copy of video has to appear from darkness, and lower — to disappear. Now we will pass to the Fideo FX tab, we will select Black and White-> 100% of Black and White and we will drag this effect on the upper copy of video:
Mounting of a video podcast in Sony Vegas
Now the last stroke — the upper copy of video needs to be cut off since the left end a little, just drag the left border to the right as you will consider necessary — the speed of transition to the black-and-white picture depends on it.

That's all! For today everything, and in general — ahead is a lot of interesting. The turned-out video file can be downloaded about the people disk, it it is absolute bessmyslennen, video and music were picked up in a random way as you understand, it not the main thing today. The main thing, it to understand how nearby each of you is from idea before implementation.

See you!

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