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10 years, 4 months ago
As it is known absmiddle is a value of the align parameter which is maintained by all browsers, however are not supported by the HTML 4.x/XHTML 1.0 specification.

Parameter was actually rather useful and convenient.

In principle, it is easy to replace through background of constructions ul-li, but faced with

There is a menu item to which it is necessary to add an icon.
It seems there are no problems, but on the website there are about 10 options of a design of color gamma, and distinction in them in the menu only a background:
варианты оформления

The problem is solved easily with the help of .png, but by default of course .png does not understand IE.

If I inserted just the picture before the link and aligned by means of absmiddle, then it should me vsegolit to register a class at the picture and to specify the corresponding .htc-file in a class

For other cases used the changed article of samiznayeteky.

But for this case absmiddle could not find the standing (responsible) replacement yet.

In a code of a habr I also saw this value.

To so forget it or it is worth suffering?

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