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OCZ RevoDrive — NVMe SSD with a speed of work of 2,4 GB / with

The Solid State Drive technology gradually develops. The volume of drives increases, the cost, $/GB gradually decreases, and reliability of such devices increases. On CES 2016 at once several vendors showed the last achievements in this sphere. The OCZ Technology group, part of Toshiba Group Company, at this exhibition showed new model of the drive — RevoDrive 400 NVMe PCI Express SSD.

Performance of the device is rather big. So, OCZ used the NVMe technology for improvement of indicators of reading/record. In the new drive the X4 PCI Express interface by means of which SSD is connected to the motherboard is used.

OCZ RevoDrive — NVMe SSD with a speed of work of 2,4 GB / with

OCZ does not provide especially many data on development. Nevertheless, it became known that here the Toshiba IP controller with support of the NVMe 1.1b specification is used. New models of devices received the name Trion 150 and RevoDrive 400.

The drive Trion 150 will be issued in different options, including models with a capacity of 120, 240, 480 and 960 GB. Speeds of a read and write of this model will reach 550 and 530 Mbps respectively. In SSD 15 nanometers a flash memory of TLC NAND of production Toshiba and the writing rate increased to 190 Mbps without caching are used.

OCZ RevoDrive — NVMe SSD with a speed of work of 2,4 GB / with

In the RevoDrive 400 model 15-nanometer Toshiba flash memory, but other type — MLC NAND is also used. Thanks to it indicators of operation of the device are very interesting — to 2,4 GB / with in a read mode and 1,5 GB / with in a write mode. Performance also at height — 210 000 and 140 000 IOPS.

The vendor will let out RevoDrive 400 in several variations, with a capacity from 128 GB to 1 TB. Will sell drives this quarter, here only cost is still unknown.

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