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2 years, 10 months ago

The Sony company once again decided to play with fire, otherwise as own trademark it is impossible to call a solution of the company on attempt of registration of expression of "Let's Play".

The American division of Sony Computer Entertainment tries to register the term "Let's Play" as own trademark and, as a result, to acquire the rights for "electronic transfer, loading of videos of game processes through local and wide area networks, and also for stream audio, visual and audiovisual materials through local and wide area networks".

"Let's Play" (let's play) — the media phenomenon which arose against rapid development of Youtube. Letspleera — the people writing own shows in which they survey or just pass video games. Popular letspleer, often, also do of the releases of show and/or perform tasks from the audience which those left in comments. It is possible to get acquainted with this phenomenon on the example of one of the most popular letspleer of the world — PewDiePie. "Let's Play" as a kind of activity became serious business for a number of successful players as the income from a contextual advertizing in their rollers brings millions of dollars.

The term which became a subject of interest of Sony arose in the game environment spontaneously and already many years was used by users worldwide freely and without any restrictions. Attempts of Sony "to appropriate" "Let's Play" looks, at least, shortsightedly and greedy as the community of players very considerably in the weight and similar actions does not forgive and as at most — it is more similar to a shot in a leg.

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