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2 years, 11 months ago

Journalists of CNN report that the project of the test route Hyperloop built by the company of the same name became step closer to reality — cylindrical components of future route were delivered to the special platform in the desert of Nevada and soon their mounting will begin. According to plans of the company testing of Hyperloop has to begin already in the fourth quarter this year. Length of the route has to make about 3.2 km.

It is interesting that two more companies actually work on the same task. The competitor of Hyperloop Technologies with very similar name Hyperloop Transportation Technologies also plans this year construction of the test route, but only later and in other place — near the city of Kvey-Velli in California. Except them the route, however, for the educational purposes, is built by SpaceX — it will be intended on winners of the tender Hyperloop Pod Competition,

Concerning the most technical capability of construction of the full-fledged route Hyperloop there are several critical opinions. One of them is sounded in a post on Quora by the civil engineer Kristen Ray (Kristen Ray). She believes that the sounded motion speed of capsules in Hyperloop means that requirements to the accuracy of a ready construction have to be extremely high throughout all route between San Francisco and Los Angeles that will be extremely difficult to be organized because of possible seismic activity.

In America the similar problem at construction of Dumbarton Bridge was already solved, connecting both coast of the gulf San Francisco. Extent of the bridge makes 2620 meters that is comparable with plans of the test route Hyperloop Technologies. To resist to seismic influence, about 96 bearings are installed in bridge footings, the cost of each of which makes $90 000. It means that for Hyperloop the cost only of these elements will make at least $4 billion. Thus all questions rest against the first-class engineering support of the project and its financing. At the same time the Hyperloop Transportation Technologies company refused all sentences of investors so far.

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