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2 years, 11 months ago
Officials of the USA of the highest level meet representatives of the IT companies for online fight against terrorism

Many countries make considerable efforts for fight against terrorism presently. In the USA real war with criminals such is waged. Intelligence agencies, army, police participate in this war. All this, mainly, in offline, normal life. Well, and as criminal elements more and more actively master knowledge of telecommunications, "the second front" intends to discover the USA in online.

For this purpose officials of the highest level of the USA and also heads of intelligence agencies meet top managers of telecommunication companies. To understand the scale and level of such meetings, it is enough to tell that heads of FBI, NSA, the National intelligence, and also the CEO of Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Yahoo participate in them.

Officials of the USA of the highest level meet representatives of the IT companies for online fight against terrorismThe main focus — messages of terrorists, communication on social networks and messengers. The government is going to adjust monitoring of activity of terrorists in the Network, including studying of methods of a set of "recruits" in the terrorist organizations. At the same time many net surfers, human rights organizations are afraid of the fact that governmental bodies will insist on creation of backdoors for governmental bodies in software and hardware.

It is meanwhile not clear what asks the government to undertake in this respect telecommunication companies. But it is possible to hope that the last will not go for change of own technologies to please to authorities. Telecommunication companies can make a lot of things for fight against terrorism, but employ agents and bezopasnik hardly anyone will be. Though, as nobility.

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