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2 years, 11 months ago
Jaq — smartphone charger on fuel elements

The external accumulator — the excellent solution allowing to load a gadget with the sat-down accumulator at any time in any place. But if the external battery is discharged, and nearby there is no socket — it can already be a problem. Itself I use the external battery, and quite often I forget to load her, unfortunately.

The Swedish startup of MyFC decided "to invent the bicycle", and created own version of the charger. It does not demand feed by energy, for work only hydrogen is necessary. The device is called Jaq, and it represents charging on fuel elements, working at hydrogen.

Now instead of connecting charging to the socket to fill up accumulator reserves, the owner needs to insert a special cartridge in which salt and water. After the cartridge is inserted, 10 fuel elements begin to make energy. "Capacity" of the charger is small — about 1800 mAh if to compare to normal batteries. It will be enough for almost full charge of the iPhone 6S or Samsung Galaxy S6 accumulator. Transmission of energy in phone is performed on USB.

According to creators of Jaq, the user who will be long time without access to an electric network needs a stock at 10-20 of cartridges. Thanks to it the smartphone will work in the places, most remote from a civilization.

Naturally, cartridges should be bought. The company offers the following scheme. Chargers will extend through mobile network operator, and they will be free for clients. And here cartridges need already to be bought — will work or a subscription (a certain quantity of cartridges for a unit of time), or the buyer can purchase any quantity of cartridges at determined price apiece on the website of the vendor. The exact cost of a cartridge is unknown, but the price of a subscription is declared - it is $5 for a certain quantity (yes, here again a lack of information) cartridges.

Meanwhile Jaq is available only in Sweden, shortly MyFC will come on the markets in Dubai, the USA, China. As for cartridges, but in that the next year they are going to be made for 100% recyclable.
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