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2 years, 11 months ago
Than CES is good? — The fact that there (it seems as) our near future and technologies which will affect it is defined. Than it is bad? — Abundance of concepts and prototypes. And often it happens that from the presentation before implementation there passes a large number of time. So left also with ASWY, the levitating loudspeaker which was provided in 2015, but "reached" us already in the final of the last December.

The flying loudspeaker from last CES: as ASWY works

For a start we will destroy "magic", and we will specify that it flies not randomly, and strictly being over base.

The flying loudspeaker from last CES: as ASWY works

Distance at which it can soar not too big, and a gap about a centimeter. In total construction in a "collected" type rises by 9-10 cm.

The flying loudspeaker from last CES: as ASWY works

The base at the same time is the impressive weight (895 grams) a support, and in fact is necessary only "to push away" from itself the loudspeaker. It weighs, of course, strongly less: 240 grams. One more function of base: it can be "Poverbank" for a column.

The flying loudspeaker from last CES: as ASWY works

Also the device can be loaded from the USB cable connected to other power source. The column is loaded and during flight about what there is notification and on a box: "Wireless charging". As the indicator of the fact that process of charging is started serves the red spark:

The flying loudspeaker from last CES: as ASWY works

That construction worked, the base has to be connected to a network, and it can make some inconveniences, however cord length — 175 cm — does it very mobile that she took the right place. If to disconnect base from the power source, ASWY instantly falls. It does it not smoothly, but those who were afraid that it will fly on a floor can be quiet. "Magnetic component" is quite powerful.

The only thing that differs from a prototype and teasers, so is a box. In this delivery it left slightly bulky.

The flying loudspeaker from last CES: as ASWY works

Inside you will find the construction which is densely recorded from concussions and also several cables. One of them — the adapter for base, another — USB and, at last, Jack.

The flying loudspeaker from last CES: as ASWY works

The loudspeaker can quite work without Bluetooth:

In general, it is necessary to tell that the loudspeaker perfectly executes all the basic functions also in "statics". And its tenacious magnet does it very pertinent in places where there are household metal objects, for example, in a bathroom or in kitchen, on the refrigerator.

The flying loudspeaker from last CES: as ASWY works

And it does not affect its sounding in any way:

Flicker which should be noticed is configured! It has two modes and one "anti-mode", that is it can be disconnected. All settings are performed by means of the touch buttons which are taken out on a rim. In total their four:

  • On/off
  • Call/pause
  • More loudly
  • More quietly

To replace the mode or to turn off indication, it is necessary to touch for a second the button "on", and then ASWY will soar thus:

It is necessary to tell that construction moderately brittle, but very slightly and accurately it is possible to move it, of course. However, the risk is big "to set" a levitation again. However, it does not demand special skill. To destroy all by the awkward movement can demand some efforts, and not any obstacle is pernicious:

Even the column is able to sustain lightweight:

The flying loudspeaker from last CES: as ASWY works

But against children — will not resist:


The loudspeaker gives the chance to receive calls and to communicate. If take you, you press the special button for the answer. If you call — respectively just you dial number on phone.

The microphone is located in the same place where also a sound radiator so it is necessary to say in the loudspeaker for what it is necessary to get closer to him. As far as it it is convenient — to tell still difficult, but if the loudspeaker initially hangs on head level, then nothing difficult.

As soon as the call begins, music, of course, is interrupted. What, by the way, does not occur if you accidentally started tunes from different players. In this case there will be an imposing:

So left when I decided to start in parallel the light show mode with Luminous and left, without closing a player in the application of a lamp.


  • Output power — 5 W
  • The battery — 800 mAh
  • The term of operation of the battery — till 12 o'clock
  • Synchronization: Bluetooth 4.0 above
  • LED illumination

For those who are interested in purchase of a device Medgadgets offers it at the promotional price of 10 900 rubles. In official shop it costs $179.

Thanks for attention.

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