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2 years, 10 months ago
The court refused to a monkey a copyright on own selfies
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History with the Indonesian monkey received continuation. It would seem, the problem was solved by Bureau of protection of copyright of the USA in 2014. Actually not. The People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organization decided to stand for the rights of a monkey and pleaded at its interests at the bar. Tried to prove to Predstviteli PETA that the monkey is the owner of the rights to own selfies, but not the photographer or someone else.

I will remind that history began in 2011 when the photographer David Sleter specializing in the wild nature decided to photograph a rare species of monkeys from Indonesia. The photographer began to install the equipment, but one of monkeys decided to help the person. Without thinking twice, the animal stole the camera, and began to press the lock button again and again. Among hundreds of received pictures there are almost ideal selfies of an animal. The photo was loaded on a photohosting the Wikimedia Commons then the photographer asked to delete this photo, having declared the rights to it. Representatives of Vikimedia (non-profit organization which services work of ten viki-projects including Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Commons) refused to delete a photo, having pointed that the rights to the photo selfie do not belong to the photographer. The photographer began to dispute such opinion, claiming that he lost thousands of dollars of "the half-received profit" as assignments. The photographer even reported the Air Force that the monkey was his assistant.

The bureau of protection of copyright after detailed consideration of the case passed the following decision: "The works made by the nature as animals or plants" cannot be protected by copyright.

PETA decided to collect from the photographer and the Blurb platform where the photographer unloaded photos of a monkey money for copyright infringement. According to representatives of this organization, the monkey can really be the owner of the right to the selfies therefore nobody else cannot use pictures without it, a monkey, permission.

The federal judge William Orrik (William Orrick) decided not to consider case even. On short hearing of the case he reported that not in its competence to resolve such issues.

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