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2 years, 11 months ago
Royole-X — the folding personal movie theater shown on CES

On Geektimes now not and there are a lot of posts connected with CES therefore it should be added a little information on interesting gadgets from an exhibition. And so, the other day the device which it is possible to call folding personal movie theater was shown here. The device is called Royole-X, and its feature, except portability, is existence of the built-in AMOLED of the display. Thickness makes it only 0,01 mm.

According to the journalist who tested "movie theater" in operation, impressions of viewing of video in a helmet are almost similar to impressions of viewing of video on the 60th inch TV. At the display 3300 PPI, contrast 10000:1 and 24-bit RGB. The display rather accurate, helmet sits on the head as poured. Unfortunately, people who wear glasses are forced them to remove before trying a helmet. But a helmet allows to configure focus and other parameters. So problems should not arise.

Royole-X — the folding personal movie theater shown on CES

Earphones with noise reduction up to 22 DB. The journalist practically did not hear noise of crowd when a helmet was put on the head. Royole-X it is equipped even with own system of memory with a capacity of 64 GB. There is WiFi the module, HDMI and USB ports. And it means that Royole-X can be used together with the PC, the smartphone or even the video game console.

The planned device cost after its output in on the market — $699.

Until Royole-X left, it is possible to try video points of other type in business. For example, Google Cardboard as the most inexpensive option. System a little more expensive (with higher quality) is the YesVR system.

Now the quantity of content created for 3D points grows. Except games, do already both movies, and different applications. Devices, of similar to the portable movie theater described above, it is more and more too. So we wait for emergence of the full-fledged market of virtual reality — both content, and gadgets.

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