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2 years, 11 months ago
Now to play old kind shooter games under DOS anything special is not necessary, the dosbox emulator well copes with almost with all games. Who needs feeling of authenticity find old computers up to Pentium3, the main thing of ISA here the slot which gives the chance normally to connect the audiocard. Leaders here of course are sound blaster AWE 32/64. But there is an option to play also on the modern computer in which not that there is no ISA, and it is rather and PCI too. Now we will also consider it.
First of all we will set DOS 6.22 on usb the USB stick. I use for this HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool. We select when loading the USB stick and voila, we will play the majority of games without problems. But one big
NO, without sound. More precisely at most with the speaker, which in the modern PC just a pyezopishchalka. We change it on the normal speaker from an old computer, the sound of course will be better, but after all it is possible to achieve bigger.

If you still had LPT port on a materinka, or at least will corrode for connection of a level with this port, then we will remember as in the late eighties — the beginning 90kh enthusiasts soldered the unpretentious 8 bit TsAPy on resistors using R-2R the scheme, a name which was COVOX.


I used 10 and 20 KOHM respectively. But I not the big fan prefer to play the joystick the keyboard and almost for all games. The driver under DOS SnesKey allowing to connect prefixal joysticks was remembered to me. Having looked at all raspinovka, noticed that if from the segovsky joystick not to involve 2,3,4 pin for power supply in the scheme, and to display +5v through USB, then it is possible to collect kovoks with port for the joystick.

Let's take the non-working VOIP gateway, we use it as the body for our product, we insert the DB-9M connector, the connector under there 3,5" Jack, the plug LPT, a lace of USB and all this business we accustom to drinking according to the scheme with resistors.

The linking of COVOX+SnesKey without problems earned, the Chinese joystick did not demand additional power supply from a sega at all, and I any more nearly cut off USB a lace, but having connected native 3kh the button joystick was glad that did not make it. This joystick can be used also in Windows with the PPjoy driver. For example in the games purchased in STEAM from SEGA MegaDrive will be it is cut much more pleasantly. Some old games support kovoks initially. For others third-party drivers, for example COVOX-PACK 1.05 from Roman Trunov are necessary. The Virtual Sound Blaster 2.02 emulator will be suitable for the third (by the way it can be used also with the speaker, but quality will be far worse).
Here the small list of what at me was started in DOS with a sound:
— Another world
— Alone in the dark
— Prince of persia
— Wolfenstein 3d
— Spear of destiny
— Corridor7
— Rampart
— Thexder2
— Almost all Siyerrovsky quests
The list which is not inspiring, but interesting games in it are. It is possible to remember still Disney Sound Source — actually modifed COVOX and much more to expand this list, but to get it it will be problematic.
And those lucky to whom were lucky to have PCI the slot on the computer it is worth purchasing the sound card supporting emulation of sound blaster. I for example used Aureal Vortex 2 SQ2500 which emulates 8-bit SB pro. You will find the sound card with support of SB 16, it will be even better.
Not dull to you hours of an oldgeyming ;)

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