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2 years, 10 months ago
The New York public library laid out in the general access of 180000+ scans and photos

On holidays there are any miracles, and today net surfers received an excellent gift: The New York library laid out more than 180000 images in the general access. It is possible to use them absolutely free of charge. Among the other laid-out treasures — scans of literary works of Arabs of the 11th century. Besides, scans of thousands of manuscripts, cards, photos, musical notations, cards and a set of other images are laid out.

Images can be ranged on a century, a genre, color or a library collection. The library also decided to create several games and software tools among which — the toy, similarity of Pac-man allowing to study typical apartments of New York of last decades.

The New York public library laid out in the general access of 180000+ scans and photos

It is possible to compare how some streets of New York in 1911 and now looked. The inquisitive traveler had an opportunity to study the manual for the tourist of the middle of the 20th century. This manual The Green Book is called, and here it is possible to find hotels, restaurants, bars and the gas station necessary for the traveler of those years.

According to representatives of library, the current event — only the beginning. In the future the organization will spread more than the digitized works, photos, pictures. In a collection of library more than 670 thousand books, photos, drawings.

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