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2 years, 11 months ago
At the end of 2015 to Herman Klimenko, the founder of Liveinternet, suggested to become the Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation of Vladimir Putin. Recently Klimenko accepted this sentence, and already works at a new position. On January 5 the Russian service Air Force interviewed Herman Klimenko during whom he made a number of interesting statements of rather Russian-speaking network segment.

For example, Klimenko expressed opinion that if to go on the way of China, that is to close virtual borders, then the domestic websites from it will only be benefited.

"If now to close borders, I mean virtually, all our websites will be won. "Yandex" will win, will win. Now eat off some layer of advertisers from us both Google, and Facebook, and all other companies. In this plan, from the point of view of business, any business wants to receive monopoly" — Klimenko told. Also he considers that representatives of network business have to go for dialog with the state. The adviser to the president, in particular, introduced the idea that earlier dialog "went as cotton of one palm: all listened only to themselves". Now "some dialog is adjusted".

Also Klimenko confirmed the expression that the Telegram messenger will not be able to exist in closed form: "I am absolutely sure that in the future any state in the world will not allow to function in the territory to anonymous messengers. There will be no this history. They will ask from such companies of the right of receipt of data access. Pavel Durov just will have no choice. All of them will go on the way of "Skype" which cooperates with law enforcement agencies. The question is in when also who makes it the first. Whether will make it Russia or America, either France, or Germany? But it will be, and in it there are no doubts. This only thing what I am confident in. A question — when it will occur? I do not know".

At last, the founder of Liveinternet considers that Russia needs own operating system. "It is that we have 22 thousand municipalities and a huge number of departments and public institutions … Now all these organizations pay two-three billion in a year of the Microsoft company, not only for Windows, but also Office, also databases. These are two-three billion dollars which theoretically would have to remain in Russia and would go for financing of developers of domestic software" — Klimenko says.

Let's remind that now Herman Klimenko, in addition to a post of the Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation, directs Institute of development of the Internet in Russia.
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