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2 years, 11 months ago
For all hi, we decided to open the corporate blog VRDevice from remarkable news:
The Oculus Rift company which is engaged in development of a helmet of virtual reality at last opened a possibility of the preorder of the first consumer versions of the devices.

Oculus Rift opened preorders of VR of helmets

Short history Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift are not pioneers in the field of VR. In the 90th years the first attempts of creation of similar devices by other companies were not crowned with commercial success in a type of lack of a level of development of computer and mobile technologies necessary at that time. Oculus submitted the first version for the Oculus Dev Kit 1 developers in 2012 on kickstarter, having successfully collected the necessary sum. The first version had 3 degrees of freedom, a display resolution 1280 x 800 and a viewing angle of 110 degrees.
In the spring of 2014 of Oculus Facebook for 2 mlr was purchased. $. In the summer of 2014 there was the second Oculus Dev Kit 2 version which already had the screen 1920х1080, 6 of degrees of freedom and a viewing angle of 100 degrees:

Oculus Rift opened preorders of VR of helmets

Oculus Rift Consumer Version 1

The first consumer version of the device has system of a surround sound in the form of the built-in earphones, Positional Tracking and (on still not up to the end confirmed sources) 2 screens with a resolution of 1200х1080.

Oculus Rift opened preorders of VR of helmets

You can check readiness of the PC for virtual reality of Oculus by means of the utility.
Complete with each helmet will be the controller Xbox One, Oculus Remote, wires and 2 free games is delivered: arcade of Lucky's Tale and simulator of space fights of EVE: Valkyrie

Oculus Rift opened preorders of VR of helmets

Wireless Oculus Touch controllers which release was decided to be postponed for fall of 2016 are not included in the package.

Oculus Rift opened preorders of VR of helmets

So far preorders are available only to 20 countries which number, unfortunately, did not include Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, etc.
The cost of the preorder makes $599 and 699 euros for the European part. Time of delivery varies, since March, 2016.

If you have a possibility of delivery to the address to number of the permitted countries, then the preorder can be made on the official site of Oculus.
For those who supported Oculus in the first campaign on kickstarter of the device will be sent free of charge!

Trend of virtual reality

2016 is already marked as year of virtual reality that can undoubtedly be considered how a starting point of promoting and growth of technologies of virtual reality.
In addition to Oculus Rift in the current year to this new and perspective market there have to be also other large players, such as HTC Vive and Sony with the helmet for the Play Station 4 console.
In Russia there are also projects of devices and technologies of virtual/augmented reality. Representatives of some of them are at an exhibition of annual consumer CES 2016 electronics at present in Las Vegas which takes place from January 6 to January 9.
Let's wish all of them good luck!
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