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2 years, 11 months ago

There are more and more proofs that the Apple company develops the self-governed machine iCar. The head of the company Tim Cook (Tim Cook) said in recent interview of Wall Street Journal that in automotive industry serious changes approach.

Perhaps, Cook spoke about development of the direction of self-governed machines in general, however the last assignments in the company show, such cars are object of serious interest of Apple.

The company employed the artificial intelligence expert Johnathan Kokhen (Jonathan Cohen) who since 2008 headed division of Nvidia concerning deep studying. Nvidia was engaged in the development of the system of an auto pilot which is turning on cameras and other supportive applications on an off-line control the car. However recently the company sold all developments to vendors of cars.

Now Apple uses technologies of deep studying for cards and system of recognition of a voice Siri.

Apple is configured seriously and plans start of the self-driving car by 2019. The company is going to increase the number of the workers occupied with artificial intelligence, four times and to employ at least 86 more experts-developers in this area.


Rumors about creation of Apple iCar became more reasonable in the middle of August of last year when documents that the company looks for the proving ground in San Francisco were published. Also they contained information that engineers of corporation conduct negotiations with the largest test polygon of GoMentum which is the former base of the Navies of the USA. According to authorities, this site is the biggest and safe place for similar tests.

Apple did not confirm officially the intentions on creation of iCar yet. But even her cofounder Steve Wozniak (Steve Wozniak) says that in these rumors there is a sense: "To such large companies as Apple, it is necessary to develop. I am inclined to trust rumors about a company performance over the electric and/or self-driving car. Cars are an enormous industry which can bring trillions of dollars".


Fans of Apple were already engaged in drawing up the assumptions on a subject as future car will look. And recently even tender in which tried to define the best model for iCar took place.

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