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2 years, 11 months ago
Tesla Model S Fire Norway

The electric vehicle Tesla Model S of 2014 of release burned down at the Norwegian station of fast charging. Reports the Norwegian NRK resource about it. In the machine at this time was nobody so there are no victims. The electric car lit up after the owner of the electric car put it on charging and left. Now the police investigates this incident, but meanwhile there is no distinct explanation for the incident.

It is interesting that ignition of the electric vehicle — more complex problem, than ignition of a normal car. The matter is that in the majority of electric cars lithium accumulators are installed. Lithium very actively reacts with water therefore attempt to extinguish the electric vehicle water can lead to sad effects. The Norwegian firefighters had to use the special foam fire extinguisher for fire liquidation.

Tesla Model S burned down at station of fast charging in Norway

The Tesla company already declared that it will make investigation of the incident, for establishment of causes of the fire. Tesla Motors for obvious reasons wishes to prove that stations of fast charging do not constitute danger to people. Nevertheless, drivers of electric vehicles which are going to go on E18 Aust-Agder will be forced to look for a different way to recharge the accumulator of the electric car.

By the way, before the company it was necessary to equip Model S a titanic board protecting the battery from below. It was made after ignition of the electric car in 2013.

In spite of the fact that accidents or ignition of Tesla electric cars happen very seldom, for the company similar incidents can constitute the known danger. In the sense that buyers begin to treat with a bigger care electric vehicles. For today it is known of four cases of ignition of Tesla: the case described above, a problem with a puncture of the battery (video), collision of the electric vehicle with the trailer and ignition in garage. Tens of thousands of the electric vehicles Tesla, without any problems ride roads now already. So reliability of electric vehicles of the company nevertheless very high, it was necessary only to find out why the car at gas station lit up.
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