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2 years, 11 months ago
The Faraday Future company known for development of own electric car promises to show on January 4 a ready concept of the machine at the Consumer Electronics Show exhibition (CES-2016) in Las Vegas. The announcement of this event is posted on the official site of the company, and it has to become actually the first public demonstration of what Faraday Future specifically works on. Till this time all data were limited to the fact that it is the electric car, financing of the company — Chinese, engineers — enticed from Tesla and General Motors.

The company accompanied the announcement of action with a short roller on the twitter from which it is possible to learn unless only an electric car logo.

About a week ago Faraday published longer video with indistinct hints how it will be possible to use their electric vehicle:

Such moment pays attention to itself. From a roller question "What if you did not so much own a car, as use one when you need it?" it is possible to assume carefully that the company somehow plans sharing of electric cars, hinting at the services allowing to lease the car when for any reason the machine is not necessary to the owner. It is probable for this reason the roller claims that "there has to be more place for people, but not for sheets of metal".

As found out Business Insider, the head of the Faraday Future company is the Chinese billionaire and the philanthropist Jia Yuetin whose status according to data of Forbes makes $7.3 billion. In the homeland Yuetin not only is engaged in production and sale of electronics, like the idol to Steve Jobs, and and puts on, copying style of the former head of Apple. The main objective of creation of the electric car is to correct extremely difficult ecological situation in Beijing for what environmentally friendly cars would appear very opportunely.

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