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Hi, friends! Today we suggest to talk a little our brand new "long-playing" Vibe P1 smartphone. It is the new leader in the line of P with very capacious accumulator on 5000 mAh and the worthy successor of the last year's P70 model. In a word, such special phone for all who very much are upset because of need to carry with itself the external accumulator or to recharge phone during the day. All this Vibe P1 does not threaten the owner at all. It is more than details under a cat.

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

Metal and beautiful

Smartphones with the metal body rare guests on average price segment, but Vibe P1 such. The device in an amicable way impressively looks. Thickness and weight notable (189 grams and 9,9 mm), but it is necessary to remember that a gadget to be "fuzz" and cannot, the capacious accumulator on the whole 5000 mAh inside.

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

Arrangement of controls quite traditional so once again we will not go into these details. But there is one unusual piece – the small switch not the left end face which instantly transfers Vibe P1 to the mode of tough energy saving. About it a bit later – along with the story about the battery.

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

Complete set of slots

Vibe P1 have no removable back cover as construction does not assume extraction of the accumulator by the user. At the same time business did without sliding trays on body sides which can be got only by means of a paper clip or something similar. All slots necessary for the user are collected under a removable plastic panel on upper part of the body.

There are two slots for SIM cards and the separate slot for the memory sticks microSD. The maximum supported volume of the last – 128 GB. In combination with 32 GB on the built-in drive even the impressive storage where it is possible to download many "heavy" files turns out very much, in anything especially without limiting itself.

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

Full HD and color setting

The era of HD screens gradually leaves, and it cannot but please. In Lenovo Vibe P1 the 5,5-inch IPS display with the resolution of 1920х1080 points is used. Density – 401 ppi, so detailing excellent. Viewing angles traditionally wide for matrixes of this type, with flowers an order.

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

We know that some journalists who already managed to test the device, complained of a lack of brightness. If suddenly you have a similar opinion, then the issue is resolved very easily – it is necessary just to come into settings of the display and to select "The mode of the increased brightness". The special solution is and if you like to look through Internet pages before going to bed in the dark room – a special tick near the point "Night Mode", perhaps, will be very opportunely. The color balance is not pleasant? Too it does not matter: for this purpose we made a romper suit of adjustment of tone and a saturation. Here pertinently once again to remind that the cover of Lenovo Vibe UI allows users to configure proceeding from the preferences many different parameters and functions.

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

In P1 there is a mode allowing to work with the display in gloves. And the screen is protected from scratches and other small damages by strong Gorilla Glass 3 glass.

We scan fingers

Vibe P1 – the first smartphone of Lenovo with the scanner of fingerprints. This sensor is built in the rectangular hardware button located directly under the display. The gadget can store prints of two different fingers in memory, at recognition of each of which the smartphone will quickly leave sleep mode. Such method of an unblocking quicker and more conveniently, than drawing of a graphic key or input of the PIN code. Though the additional method of login all the same should be configured just in case – all of us remember a bearded joke about the cut-off fingers.

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

Sufficient performance

Lenovo Vibe P1 is constructed based on an eight-nuclear chipset of Qualcomm Snapdragon 615. This solution belongs to middle class, but there is enough performance of SoC including on quite modern 3D - games. Four main cores work at frequency of 1,5 GHz and four more – at a frequency of 1 GHz. Frequency of the integrated graphic Adreno 405 accelerator can reach 550 MHz. Plus is 2 GB random access memory. Result – very stable work of the Android 5.1 operating system (with not illusive perspective of updating to "six", by the way) and quite good results in benchmarks which can be studied on screenshots below.

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

It is remarkable that during measurements and start of heavy games the device is practically not heated. Even a little unusually actively to torment the hardware with tests and not to feel how the back panel becomes warmer.

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

Set of wireless modules at the modern level. First, there is a support of Wi-fi 802.11ac, and it is possible to work in two ranges. Secondly, business did not do without NFC and Bluetooth 4.1. Plus, of course, GPS and other absolutely standard things which already have to be in each smartphone of 2015.

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

Quite good cameras

Lenovo Vibe P1 does not belong to the class of cameraphones therefore photomodules here normal, without any special counters as, for example, in Vibe Shot about which we already told. Resolution of the main camera makes 13 MT, at night shooting it is helped by the built-in LED flash. And to you it is not necessary to neglect the last at a lack of lighting nevertheless.

At the same time there is an opportunity to change some settings: for example, to select the exposure measurement mode, to set ISO or to select presets for a white balance. As the button of descent it is possible to use volume control keys that is quite convenient. Resolution of the frontal module – 5 MT.
image image image

Two days without recharge

And here we, at last, reached the most interesting: the built-in accumulator with a capacity of 5000 mAh. Practice showed what is rare when is enough a total charge of this mighty battery less than for 2 complete days. The speech, of course, goes about the mixed usage mode, but at the same time rather active: GPS + mobile maps, telephone conversations, constantly active mobile Internet, periodic connections on Wi-Fi, work with mail, correspondence in messengers, web surfing and all this at the maximum brightness.

If to aim to discharge promptly the accumulator in zero, having loaded a gadget with serious problems, then it will be required to time really much. It is necessary to play nearly 8 hours in a row games or to twist Full HD of cinema for 16 hours! During this time it is possible to reach from Moscow Beijing and to return back if runs direct.

One more interesting "counter" – the mode of tough energy saving which is instantly activated by the switch at the left end face of a gadget. The background is filled in the black color, all modules, except the communication module, are disconnected, and there is only the most necessary: calls, SMS, contact list, alarm clock, hours and calendar. Well and plus FM radio not to start missing the Internet at all. With such restrictions on a total charge the gadget can work till 80 o'clock though first of all the mode of energy saving is actual when there were 5-10% of a charge.

Lenovo Vibe P1: the smartphone which is difficult for discharging

By the way, the smartphone supports function of high-speed charging – literally in 5 minutes the discharged accumulator it is possible "to feed up" to a status when it provides still a work couple of hours. Also on a good tradition of the devices P-series from Vibe P1 it is possible to charge other smartphones. For example, to lure iPhone 6S from their modest 1715 mAh. Will be enough for two total charge and still the most whole 1570 mAh will remain. In practice, of course, everything is not so simple – sample calculations, but results quite real. The adapter with microUSB on USB is included in picking.

How much?

It is officially possible to purchase Vibe P1 in Russia only in one place – Lenovo online store. While "gray" gadgets sell for 22 000 – 27 000 rubles we give the device for 19 900 rubles with free shipping to the apartment. Here they, benefits of a branded online site in operation! One nuance: buy up smartphones quickly therefore sometimes it is necessary to wait a little until the new batch appears.

Will suit Côme Lenovo Vibe P1 best of all? Perhaps, here everything is simple: it is the device of a mid-price segment with the good screen, not "top", but quite productive stuffing, and fantastic autonomy. So audience the widest, only inveterate fans of leaders and keen adherents of the mobile photo, it is better for them to pay attention to our Vibe Shot "drop out".

Thanks to all who read up material up to the end. If you had questions, then welcome to comments. And, taking an opportunity, we congratulate all with coming New year!

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