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2 years, 10 months ago
Four years in a row "Game of Thrones" are in the lead in a rating of the most "piracy" series. On the second place — "Walking dead persons", they are followed by "The theory of a Big Bang". The number of downloads of some series exceeds number of TV viewers who watched their broadcasting.


A final series of the fifth season of "Game of Thrones" was downloaded with BitTorrent by 14,4 million times. More than a half of downloads fell on the first week after a series output in air. This quantity exceeds number of the traditional viewers in the USA. Closest "persecutor" — "Walking dead persons" — had 6,9 million downloads. The final of "The theory of a Big Bang" was loaded by 4,4 million times.

The first place in a rating did not become a surprise. In June, 2015 the last episode of Game of Thrones broke a record on sida of torrents. Sidami and licher of the Mercy of Mother series became at the same time 258 131 persons. This result broke a record of 2014 which belonged to the final of the fourth season of the same show. In the first eight hours a series was downloaded by one and a half million people.

According to TorrentFreak, pirates began to show more interest in releases in high quality in comparison with previous years. The most popular format remains 480p, download 720p and 1080p less often.

Name of series Number of downloads (one million) The number of TV viewers in the USA (million)
1. Game of Thrones 14,4 8,11
2. The Walking Dead 6,9 15,78
3. The Big Bang Theory 4,4 18,3
4. Arrow 3,9 3,92
5. The Flash 3,6 4,01
6. Mr. Robot 3,5 1,75
7. Vikings 3,3 5,01
8. Supergirl 3 12,96
9. The Blacklist 2,9 10,11
10. Suits 2,6 2,38

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