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2 years, 10 months ago
Today lawyers of "Roskomsvoboda" made in Moscow City Court the collective complaint concerning regulation about "eternal blocking" on behalf of 7 thousand net surfers. Such number of participants of the collective complaint managed to be brought together thanks to recently started website ZaRunet, writes "Roskomsvobod".

The court will consider the complaint next year, it will become the further basis for the appeal to the Constitutional court. An occasion — check of compliance of provisions of the anti-piracy nomativno-legal act of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. According to experts of "Roskomsvoboda", lifelong blocking — the measure which does not correspond to the principle of proportionality of punishment and also "does not bear compensation character for violation of the intellectual rights that is not inherent in civil responsibility".

"It was initially clear that the judge making a decision will do everything possible as soon as possible to occupy the doubtful judicial act. We expected everyone, but what we saw in Moscow City Court - it is complete ignoring of the civil and procedural law … For this reason we appealed against illegal determination and intend to force Moscow City Court to take cognizance of the complaint in order that it is wider to look at a problem of eternal blocking of the largest in Russia a torrent indexer", the leading lawyer of "Roskomsvoboda" Sarkis Darbinyan says.

It is worth reminding that on December 15 the Moscow City Court refused to accept the appeal on the case of Rutrekere. According to court, the applicant of the complaint is not the party on business, "the question of the rights and the applicant's duties is not resolved by the made decision on business".

The decision on the first lifelong blocking was passed by court in the claim of Eksmo publishing house. Earlier the tracker conducted survey among the users concerning whether it is worth meeting requirements of owners and to agree with blocking and to leave content without changes. Most of users agreed with blocking of a resource in Russia to leave all links untouched.
How you consider whether "Roskomsvoboda" will be able successfully to dispute blocking of Rutracker?

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