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2 years, 10 months ago
The community Mozilla is going to develop several devices based on OS Firefox to replace the failed project of the smartphone. Data on the preparing devices flowed away in a network through the Spanish computer blog Hipertextual then the manual of community confirmed their reliability. Among these devices there is a tablet, the computer "on a stick", "smart" a router and the computer in a keyboard form factor.

Earlier this month Mozilla declared the termination of release and sales of smartphones based on OS Firefox – online OSes in which applications do not need to be downloaded. The OS in fact represents itself the browser in which all applications are web applications. The similar principle is used in Chrome OS – a child of the Google company which tried to advance aggressively notebooks with such OS, but also did not achieve special progress – this OS just will become part of mobile Android OS soon.

However, according to the vice-president of Mozilla for mobile devices, the OS continues to develop, and the company, without losing hopes, is going to try to use it in other devices. And here what it will be devices – according to concepts which description flowed away in a network.

Firefox Pad tablet


The 10-inch tablet with an online OS. It is interesting that generally tablets with OS Firefox already exist – 7-inch "fox" of Vixen and 10,1-inch InFocus.

Computer "on a stick" Firefox Stick


Computer "on a stick", PC dongl, computer USB stick, etc. The computer similar to the external flash-drive which is connected to a HDMI input of any TV equipped with it. Keyboard and mouse wireless. Support of Wi-fi. As a result the computer in a pocket turns out. Whether such computer based on Firefox of OS will be able to compete with competitors, so far it is not clear.

Smart router of Firefox Hub


Main goal – safety. The built-in means for control of a privacy, parent control, the organization of collaboration of different mobile devices, and automatic software updatings.

Firefox Pi computer keyboard


The keyboard with the built-in trackpad and the computer. The Pi prefix, apparently, hints at use of the single board computer Raspberry Pi. Judging by the description, it can be connected to any TV or the monitor on VGA.

So far it is only concepts of devices: what devices in what type when appear in the market (and whether will appear) – it is impossible to tell. But Mozilla will be able if wants, to receive from comments to this news back coupling from users and their opinion on relevance of these devices.
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