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2 years, 10 months ago
The CBS TV channel on which there is the known sitcom "The theory of a Big Bang" received a legal claim because in show the text and motive of the song "Soft kitty, warm kitty" which is sung sometimes to one of the main characters — to Sheldon Cooper is used — that he calmed down in different unpleasant situations (in the known Russian localization of series on the version of Spirit Bambey studio the song is known as "The warm fluffy kitten sleeps..."). The example of such episode is given in video below:

The lyrics contains actually only one paragraph repeating five a time in a row:
Soft kitty, warm kitty 
Little ball of fur. 
Lazy kitty, pretty kitty 
Purr, purr, purr.

The teacher's daughters from New Gempshir by the name of Edith Nyyulin (Edith Newlin) who died in 2004 became authors of the claim. Ellen and Margaret still live in the small town of Olsted (Alstead) and claim that their mother wrote a lyrics "to Soft kitty, warm kitty" in the thirties the last century. Producers of show used the song at least in 8 episodes of "The theory of a Big Bang" and at the same time did not purchase copyright of this work. Besides, initial lines of a song were used for texts on different souvenir products like t-shirts and cups also without any permission of sisters of Nyyulin.

Ellen Nyyulin does not watch the soap opera and found the fact illegal, in her opinion, uses of a song at the time when wrote article about the mother, and found discussion of the fact that "Soft kitty, warm kitty" sounds in show in some blog. In due time producers of "The theory of a Big Bang" were satisfied that got permission to use of this song from the Willis Music Co company which published its text in the book "Songs for Kindergarten" (Songs for the Nursery School). At the same time the book contained the instruction on the author of the song and the fact that its text is protected by copyright.

Representatives of CBS TV channel traditionally refused to comment on a legal claim.

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