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2 years, 10 months ago
Hi, GT! the 2015th year just about will expire, all are busy with completion of working affairs around, run in search of the last gifts and time at anybody on anything is not enough. For the last two months many news which we would like to share with you collected!

November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

Under a cat you will find the most interesting materials from area of konsyyumersky technologies of Google for the last two months.

It is worth beginning, perhaps, with Search.


We regularly improve search as "under a cowl", and outside. Small improvements in the interface, new opportunities, improvement of ranging of results, it is possible to write about all this though every week: that there then something and will improve.

Since the end of November there were two noticeable improvements:

  1. Mobile devices had an opportunity to save in tabs and to catalog the found images;
  2. We updated and improved Knowledge Graph thanks to what it began to understand more advanced queries.

So far both updates are available to the users using English by search and have limited application outside the USA. At first experimental functions are given a dry run in the "native" market and in the most usual and clear conditions, and then extend also to other languages.

Saving of images in favorites November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

Search on the mobile device is integrated to some difficulties. Not always well fast Internet connection. Small diagonal of the display, the paltseoriyentirovanny interface and lack of the keyboard, a mouse or the multiwindow mode leave the marks on convenience of work with difficult applications.

We added a feature to add search results of pictures "to favorites" and to save them in specialized directories: now you will be able easily to group the pictures which were pleasant to you from search results and to share them.

Function is experimental, it is temporarily available only in the territory of the USA, but supports practically any mobile browsers and operating systems. The main thing that you were logged in in the account when viewing search results.

Knowledge Graph updating November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

The network of knowledge of Google is that magic piece which helps voice search and the assistant to Google Now to understand that you want from system when you ask it a question. One of key problems of voice search — separation of meanings at homonyms and polisemiya — is solved by means of a network of knowledge.

Initially the network of knowledge was rather primitive and could respond only to the simple requests: for example, Isaac Newton or Platon at it were associated with what you thought of. A bit later we taught to understand it not only sense of separate words, but also to connect words among themselves. Try to ask "screw-driver ingredients" Search of Google. You will hardly find iron and plastic in results of search issue: the network of knowledge understands that it is about cocktail. And if you ask the same question on English (screwdriver ingredients), then receive the recipe in the answer.

The current stage of development of a network of knowledge allows it to answer even such difficult questions as "Who was the U.S. President when Angels (a comment: a baseball team) won a World Series"?

November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

Equally well it is possible to ask (the truth, in English) and about the president of any other country and to try to play with temporary or any other conditions. Similar answers became possible that we taught to understand the Network of Knowledge not only words sense their communication in phrases, but also to coordinate all words in request in a uniform chain which helps to find the right answer on the user's question.


Millions of people worldwide daily use our mail service, and we cannot disregard it.

Today together with "classical" Gmail'om our Inbox service works. Mail, the interface and which logic is constructed based on Material Design and achievements of modern web technologies, allowing to do more and to spend at the same time less time.

Smart Reply November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

One of the most advanced and unique features which are in development now is "answering machine". No, I am not about useless mailings of a type "on issue with 5th on the 10th, write Masha", and about work of neural networks on drawing up answers to incoming mail. We use technologies of machine learning and "we train" system to reveal those letters which demand simple and clear answers and creates them, using normal, living human language.

In more detail it is possible to read about what is in this technology here, however, in English.

Trip Bundles November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

There are people at whom New Year's vacation is associated with a basin of "Russian salad", the New Year's speech of the president and twelve bottles of Soviet champagne. But there are also fans to celebrate holidays in unusual places, on a visit at friends or just in the warm countries. The new Trip Bundles function in Google Inbox creates "a smart collection" of all information on the forthcoming travel: avias - and train tickets, a reservation in hotels, lease of cars and other similar letters turn into the convenient directory.

November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

By itself, nobody prevents you to add to the similar directory of the letter manually (in case the "smart" system did not fulfill some exotic letter with confirmation. Besides, all letters in the directory will be available offline, thus you will have no problems with receipt of information in roaming or in the conditions of the overloaded cellular networks near the airport.


One more sign product which constantly receives small improvements. Something concerns directly the interface and opportunities of cartographic service, something belongs more likely to the Viewing of Streets service which though is part of cards, but it is considered a separate product.

Offline card November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

In the middle of November we added a feature for downloading of part of the card on mobile devices of users. In this case it is not so much about saving of "picture" how many about full use of cartographic service without Internet access. Both search, and information on work of the institutions marked on maps and navigation will work at the section selected by you.

Murder November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

In the middle of December we added a feature to browse topography of the studied parts of an ocean bottom. This updating also contains new routes for Google Street View which will allow you "to walk" on the Great Barrier Reef. Yes, under water there are no streets, but not to change now the name of service? ;)

Pleasant trifles

And in the middle of December we cleaned Google + from obligatory requirements for work with ratings and comments on cards. Now users of Android and iOS can share the opinions on institutions without need to get the G+ account.

Google Play Books

Fans to read in the twilight will be happy with the new Google Play Books function. "The night mode" changes the color temperature of the picture and considerably reduces quantity of the blue and blue shades displayed on the screen. Warmer color gamma reduces load of eyes in the evening and in the dark, facilitates reading in low-light-level conditions.

Android Wear and wearable electronics

"Smart watch" stopped being an exotic gadget for geeks: there are as luxury models cost in several tens and even hundreds of thousands of rubles, and available and universal models. The Android Wear platform does not stand still and regularly receives updates. Besides, vendors please all with new and new gadgets on the basis of our OS.

TAG Heuer November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

At the beginning of November the known Swiss hour studio TAG Heuer released first "smart watch" and what! Completely round display with a diagonal of one and a half inches, a dual-core processor with a clock frequency up to 1.6 GHz, till 25 o'clock autonomous work and appearance on which you will not tell at all that these hours it is more smart than any others.

LG November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

Approximately in the same numbers of LG expanded the line of wearable electronics with the LG Watch Urbane model which became the first completely autonomous (in respect of communication) the smart watch. Existence of the slot under a sim card and an opportunity to continue work as "mirror" for notifications on the channel of cellular communication allows not to worry that you pass the important message just because departed from phone or left it at home.

Fossil November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

At the end of the last month other vendor of hours, the American Fossil first "smart watch" announced Fossil Q Founder. Naturally, the main for them became the Android Wear platform.

New dials November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

As cherry on cake: the famous designers developed new dials which are available for all comers since December 17 for the Android Wear platform.

November &December moves. The last Google news of the expiring year

To a meeting in new year

On it so far all. Our command goes to Christmas holiday, and next year you will be surely met by new opportunities in different Google services, new gadgets and, of course, new posts in our blog.

We congratulate you with coming New Year, and let all your desires will come true!

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