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2 years, 11 months ago
The law adopted in China obliges providers to provide access to the ciphered accounts of users

The new anti-terrorist law was adopted by the Chinese authorities despite resistance of a large number of the largest telecommunication companies and counteraction of Washington. Among other requirements, the law obliges telecommunication companies "to provide technical support and the help, including decoding". to the Chinese authorities. As it is reported, it is made to help China to localize and neutralize in time groups of terrorists.

This law does not oblige the companies to provide encrypting keys to the authorities. But access to accounts of users and all correspondence of users, in case of giving of the corresponding request — yes. Such "help" from the companies is considered by the authorities as one of methods of fight against terrorism.

The Chinese authorities do not consider the adopted law as something extraordinary. But effects can be rather large-scale. For example, some companies designed the services so that encrypting keys or correspondence it is not stored on servers of the companies. In this case, if the authorities demand to provide access to correspondence, the company at all desire will not be able to fulfill such requirement. Perhaps, it will lead to the conflict of such companies and authorities (for example, the similar scheme of work of the services is practiced by Apple). So far, however, the Chinese authorities do not make loud statements about a possibility of prohibition of work of such companies in the country.

According to authorities, the law does not demand to create something like "a black input" for law enforcement authorities in communication services. "The law will not affect the right and freedom of users" — it is said in the appeal of the authorities.

New rules of work of telecommunication companies become effective since January 1, 2016.

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