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2 years, 11 months ago
Self-made laser sword — as it works?

The user of YouTube with Styropyro nickname creates different interesting laser pieces for a long time. The laser harp, a laser gun (it is a lot of laser guns) and other things it lets out as hot pies. This time Styropyro decided to create a powerful laser sword (and it is not its first attempt).

Power of "sword" makes 7 W. According to the creator it is seven times more than regulation, such system is dangerous as it is capable to blind the person instantly. Of course, inside there is no that rare stone which each Jedi has to get and insert into a handle independently. But also what is impresses.

In fact, it is the most powerful laser pointer which can burn a tree, melt tin and set fire to paper cups (carefully, it is dangerous! :)). Slightly lower — video with demonstration of work of such sword.

By the way, before Styropyro created the laser gun with a power of 40 W. For this purpose the master integrated several 5-watt systems. Portable the gun did not turn out, but here already there's nothing to be done.

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