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2 years, 10 months ago
On December 25, for Christmas, the network bitcoin overcame the next sign boundary – 2 days ago within bitcoin the digital coin, 15-million on the account, and a little earlier, last week was generated, in the open register it was recorded 100-million bitcoin transaction, from the moment of creation of cryptocurrency in 2008.

The 15-million bitcoin is got

15 million "digital" and speed of a mining
According to statistics, complexity of a mining increased almost for 250% since January, 2015 that is record digit, in comparison by data of previous years, since 2008.

In leaving, 2015 mayner got more than 1 250 000 bitcoins therefore the number of the bitcoins generated by a network exceeded 15 million. In 2013 the speed of production was higher what data of the website confirm

If to compare data of the 2015th with indicators of earlier years, then systematic reduction of speed of a mining is browsed visually: in 2012 two and a half million bitcoins were extracted, and in 2011 and 2010 the digit reached three million in a year.

Reduction of speed of a mining in 2012 was connected with decrease in the sum of remuneration for the found block twice. According to the concept of bitcoin, remuneration for each found block added to a blokcheyn initially making 50 bitcoins, had to decrease twice, approximately, time in four years, after confirmation of the next 210 thousand blocks. The first time remuneration for the found block decreased in 2012. Next time it will happen in 2016.

Let's remind that total number of the generated bitcoins is limited and will not exceed in total 21 million. Thus, mayner needed to extract 6 million bitcoins then emission will be stopped.

Market capitalization of the existing 15 million bitcoins makes 6,3 billion dollars (at the time of writing of article the cost of one bitcoin makes 419, $70).

The most part of 2015 market capitalization of bitcoin fluctuated in an interval between 3 and 4 billion dollars, but grew for the last months, in connection with growth of an exchange rate of bitcoin. Nevertheless, today market capitalization of bitcoin makes less than a half of the sum recorded at the end of 2013 when it reached 13 billion 900 million dollars, despite of what in December, 2013 bitcoins was much less.

The 15-million bitcoin is got

100 million transactions

The number of the transactions processed by a network bitcoin reached a point of 100 million while the number of the transactions processed daily increased five times, in comparison with January, 2015. Analysts believe that growth of popularity of bitcoin and recognition of bitcoin by many official financial institutions served as a basic reason of prompt growth of turnover of cryptocurrency.

The 15-million bitcoin is got


2015 became one of the most successful years for bitcoin, after 2013 during which it bypassed both the leading world currencies, and successful coins of developing countries on growth rates, including: pound sterling, the American dollar, Japanese yens and the Malayan ringgit, стаâ the most actively growing world currency for 2015, having overcome crisis 2014, crash of Mt. Gox, contrary to negative forecasts of a number of media.

Until mines of cryptocurrency gold ran low at all, hurry to maynit bitcoins together with service of a cloudy mining Hashflare.

The 15-million bitcoin is got

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