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2 years, 10 months ago
Google released API for the knowledge base Google Knowledge Graph. Service already issues data in the JSON-LD format (LD means Linked Data, yes here!) also uses the types. In addition to observance of standards, joyful news is existence of backward compatibility with Freebase — always when it is possible, for identification of entities keys from Freebase are used. The program interface Freebase will be available within three more months.
I will remind that Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base which among other creates here such here infoboksa in search results:


At first sight, new API looks significantly more weakly than the language of requests of MQL used in Freebase, but we will hope that the program interface will be updated. It is possible to find entity on search query, a prefix, plus to impose restrictions on types from the type list The result can be received in different languages.

In the closest plans of the Knowledge Graph command the Freebase Suggest API updating, the interface which issued objects of freebase as search hints:

Two years ago the company reported about the termination of support of the knowledge base of Freebase, and all this time of Wikimedia Germany worked over data transfer in Vikidannye hard. The website Freebase promised to dismantle by June, but so far all on site.

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