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2 years, 10 months ago
Whether you hate looking for the smartphone in the mornings, keys or a purse are even stronger, than I? Please, remember right now how you become white-hot when you get into a situation in which it is impossible to call on the iPhone from the wife as phone lost by you most likely also is discharged? You will be able to experience again right now all emotions which you experience when working off of standard requests to memory: "can in other coat", "and can in a bowl at a cat", "or in the machine forgot", "and that if in a toilet left" — do not give the slightest effect in search promotion?


I purposely began article with such emotional warming up as much as possible to demonstrate to you that search in itself (as process) — is not top of human life and a limit of human dreams. Search even through the well-known Google — means only attempt to find something that not yet, but that appeared it is suddenly necessary right now. And the person who was engaged in search should spend time, forces and emotions for searching of a necessary thing or knowledge. So, the person with the status "in search of food" means — hungry, "in search of the girl" — lonely, "in information search" — ignorant. Experience a negative color of the term, when the person is happy and happy when he tests satisfaction from the events — he does not look for, isn't it?

Any search is a crutch, ingenious, optimized, but a crutch when by means of disproportionate usililiya and temporary expenditure it is possible to find something, lying in the neighboring room or on sale in shop through the road. But in the same way a temporary crutch is also programming — ideally any information system has to be created directly from the text in Word, but so far in reality of it does not occur only because the silly machine is not taught to understand simple human language of Technical projects — and it was necessary to create the whole profession, and I would even tell — culture layer. And you represent how would be abruptly in the world without crutches if phrases "I want to create game where it would be possible to plunder korovana" enough to start autogeneration on the screen of game locations and characters? However, now not about it.


So, information systems can stand on different steps of evolution:
1) Simple storage of the data entered there by the person (you remember how in the 90th years all piles of documentation round the clock "hammered" into memory of the computer which fused then in a week?). That is: that on an input — that and on an output.
2) At the second step there is already Google and in general any system responding to advanced queries with operands and filters. Here the built-in algorithms are capable to sort, group already independently or even to hide information on an output. Moreover, they can make and the return actions — to group units of living and unique users in average groups on interests, so to speak from private — to the general. Miracles! But it is possible and it is even better.
3) The system which is guided by individual needs of the specific user and placing him in unique information environment from the general — to private. Here on an output can be in general anything as on an input so enormous number of the unique (not average) data which to system is insufficiently simple for filtering arrives, and it is necessary to interpret and reinterpret automatically.

In my article it is just talked that in operating systems of the future, in my opinion, there will be no search as will not be in them and browsers, and a lot of things still. And it will be fine, it will be really noticeable step of evolution forward as information itself will be tightened one by one, clinging invisible logical hooks. Judge for yourself, here, let us assume, after complete conversation in Skype with the person — before you there are all folders, related (which you opened directly at last conversations), the request for display on the screen of your last correspondence which is just collected according to all mail accounts also emerges, and also the general questionnaire of its psychological state based on all available data of the last activity of the interlocutor in social networks is given at the same time (which you, certainly, could get and, having spent excess 3-4 hours of the personal irreplaceable time). That is the next step of evolution begins when offer us not abundance of similar coincidence, but ready minimalist selections of materials on a subject of initial conversation where everything is connected with everything. Judge for yourself, who from living nowadays will be able to browse all 600 million coincidence? And if nobody is able, then for whom they are found and displayed on the screen?


To me personally following round of evolution seems not only in the form of passive "paper clip hint" selections of the actions given from history, but also the smart, very intelligent task-manager considering a daily routine, prosperity and preferences of each person and giving adequate advice depending on situations:

• By my calculations, you already drank up the milk purchased 3 days ago whether you want to perezakazat fresh?
• To you yesterday the salary fell to the card. It is a high time to start the planned repair long ago?
• Isn't it time to buy special products by the coming Nativity Fast?
• It seemed to me that your child grew up from last year's overalls. They at this age are instantly extended whether you know. Whether you wish to look at options?
• This day a year ago you bought a forage to your dog. And whether it is full today?


Certainly, at any time it will be possible to refuse similar councils as here the main sense not in imposing to people of unnecessary affairs and excess purchases, but in attempt to calculate biorhythms of the living person, its settled recurrence of life and the most acceptable daily routine. It is logical as people very seldom cardinally and in a flash change tastes, habits, beliefs, so, the recommendation Big data received as a result of the analysis quite to anticipate needs of the user, to be one step away ahead, warning possible desire of search.

And here the standard banality about the Internet of things and hundred times the concept "God of Date" chewed earlier comes to an end, and the most, in my opinion, interesting begins. Interesting in how it will turn out to narrow so quickly the choice to the ultimate user, making it through councils and recommendations not 22 billion options as today, and pieces 5 at most. Let's try to imagine more or less realistic example:

So, the wife writes the spouse to Telegram that takes vacation in few months and suggests to fly all family somewhere. She directly and writes — "simply to have a rest", nobody in senses formulates in own head need for rest by a machine method: "That hotel from 4,5 stars, not further 200 meters from the beach, no more, not less …"

Alas, people think differently, emotions, impressions, perhaps — associations. How to advise rather smart system rest at such strange setting of primary task (yet not issued up to the end in consciousness) from the series "I want there — I do not know where"?


Here the analytical data on the user collected by system earlier just also have to tell the this word. By the time of the first recommendation, the user and all his family have to be already built-in in the certain ecosystem which is strongly limiting (no, not expanding as we thought earlier) their choice taking into account individual properties of character. It is no secret, what rest all of us understand differently — from alcoholic intoxication in the free bar before participation in a dancing festival, from search of parking of Tamerlan in 1395 on the way to Moscow, before spending the night in tent over break.


And, distinctions in options of rest can be not such global, even simple rest in hotel on the seashore can be personified unique variations: "For fans of Star Wars" or admirers "Comedy club", and for the next month to plan "Month of parmesan" or to invite guests for unique "Week of game in squash".

Such maximum uniqueness of each sentence is proved by requirement to relieve people from so-called "search searching" when, despite the most difficult algorithms of selection and ten filters — each of us anyway all the same has to spend several hours for viewing of results of issue by simple search, digging among the faceless same sentences which are not differing with anything except color of hotel pillowcases and a fork of plus or minus $100 in a price.


I am convinced that in a couple of years there will be no hotels just for all, the car for everyone, the notebook for any, standard inkubatorsky clothes on a template. The maximum personalisation of the sentence already very much and soon will have to lead to the fact that each goods, each service, each sentence will be unique, unique, ground under my length of fingers or a bend of a backbone under mine and only my sense of beauty and gastronomic tastes. Quite so the mankind will pass to the third step of progress, from storage and search — to individual personification, from the general — to private.

We summarize: at people creative the restless and painful status of spirit since ancient times meant all sincere "searches" of the person. Perhaps, growth of a stress in our world in geometrical progression is also a direct consequence just of too strong hope for search as the main pattern of behavior. My attempt to rethink true needs of the certain user, to teach "to give system cartridges" long before the person spent a couple of hours for their searches — is simply obliged to be realized in the following round of evolution in work with information.

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