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2 years, 10 months ago
Pirates promise to lay out more than 40 top Hollywood movies in free access
How, and I was laid out? (Source: Columbia Pictures)

As it was already reported, the other day in the Network release copies of the latest Hollywood movies appeared. Among the movies which are laid out by pirates — "Survivor", "The disgusting eight" and others. With what has already been achieved pirates are not going to be satisfied. Shortly pirates promise to lay out more than 40 most popular movies in the next several weeks.

In general, the Hollywood studios are not glad to such New Year's gift at all. The movies which are laid out in the general access swing hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. It is difficult to estimate exact number of loadings as movies appeared on several resources, including closed at once. But it is possible to speak about millions of loadings with confidence. According to the anti-piracy company Excipio only "The disgusting eight" was loaded by more than 1,3 million times for the first days.

It is interesting that the movies which are laid out in a network are deprived a votermarok and other marks which usually serve as identifiers. With their help law enforcement authorities can trace pirates.

It is clear, that the Hollywood film companies are already engaged in investigation. In particular, FBI agents are involved to it. Already it became clear that one of movies was sent on a disk to one of directors of the Alcon Entertainment production company Andrew to Kosovo [Andrew Kosove]. Kosov claims that he did not receive the movie. Pirates already declared that movies will give all the best with frequency one movie a day.

Responsibility for the incident undertook Hive-CM8 release group. It works about five years, and lately efforts of this group in the Network laid out such movies as "Social network", "Hobbit", "Interstellar" and others. Others also are involved in leak release group.
And you already looked any of the laid-out movies? (Sponsors of poll — law enforcement agencies and the anti-piracy organizations)

1495 people voted. 431 persons refrained.

If you downloaded and watched one of the specified movies whether you will go to the same movie to movie theater?

1136 people voted. 635 people refrained.

The users only registered can participate in poll. Enter, please.

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