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2 years, 10 months ago
Frame from The Hateful Eight ("The disgusting eight")

This week there was the biggest leakage of movies in the Internet in the history of video piracy. According to some information, several tens copies of the movies in DVD quality intended for print preview by professionals in the field of cinema snared (such copies are usually designated as DVDscr).

Video on similar disks is usually supplied with the precautionary texts, watermarks and other marks called if not to protect them from copying then to punish guilty persons. But on these copies no precautionary texts were noticed. The flowed-away movies belong to different film companies.

Frame from The Revenant ("Risen from the dead")

The last loud case of similar leak which happened to Stallone's movie "The Expendables 3" grows dim in comparison with the current event. Here plays a role not only quantity, but also quality of movies – among them and the freshest movie there is Tarantino, and the new movie with DiCaprio's participation (we support you, Leo!), and other movies of a class "A". All movies or began to be broadcast recently at movie theaters, or are planned for Christmas days.

Frame from Creed

In how such number of qualitative movies at the same time flowed away in a network, law enforcement agencies – in particular, FBI already understand. It is already known that watermarks on Tarantino's movie indicate that the flowed-away copy intended for one of directors of the Alcon Entertainment production company Andrew of Kosovo [Andrew Kosove]. The disk was sent it by mail. Kosov denies the fact of receipt of a disk.

One of piracy commands naming itself with Hive-CM8 claims that 40 copies of different movies are at their disposal, and they promised to let out them on one in day.

Google only in one day received from the human rights activists acting on the basis of the DMCA (The copyright law during a digital era) it is more than one thousand instructions on removal from search issue of the links connected with the flowed-away video records.

Among leaks there are following movies:
  • The Hateful Eight – the last masterpiece of Tarantino, a western in snow of Wyoming removed with unusual lenses of Ultra Panavision 70mm
  • The Revenant – the movie about Leonardo DiCaprio's survival in wild conditions for the sake of revenge to the companions who threw it on worry to a bear
  • Creed – Fates Balboa performed by, naturally, Sylvester Stallone, trains the young champion
  • Steve Jobs – the next film biography of the co-founder of Apple with Michael Fassbender in a leading role. The screenwriter of a tape was advised by Steve Wozniak
  • Legend – a biopic about the British twin gangsters brothers Cray whose gang "Firm" was active in the London East End in the 50th – the 60th years.
  • Concussion – the sports drama with Will Smith about the doctor who is engaged in concussions of professional players in the American soccer
  • Bridge of Spies – the historical drama with Tom Hanks about the lawyer protecting in court of the Soviet spy caught in the USA and participating in its exchange for the pilot of the American espionage U2 airplane caught in the USSR
  • Spotlight – the drama about journalistic investigation of cases of pedophilia among Catholic priests
  • The Danish Girl – the love story of two women written based on Lily Elby's biography (the Danish transgender woman, the person involved in one of the first reliable cases of operation on surgical correction of a floor) and Gerda Wegener (the Danish artist)
  • Joy – history of the business lady who became at the head of business of a family dynasty. In a leading role of Jennifer Lawrence


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