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2 years, 10 months ago

The agreement on licensing of video will protect 4K-records in the future

Runtime royalty fees of HEVC were reviewed

Recently the future of a format 4K is questionable. The independent company HEVC Advance which is engaged in licensing of video of the H.265/HEVC format requested considerable assignments almost from all without any exception, even free services faced need to pay the small sums. The price for many turned out too big, and giants of the industry began to work on the free formats that on anybody not to depend. HEVC Advance did not become puzzled and offered the updated scheme of licensing. Though this scheme can still be expensive, it, however, will help to protect rather cheap 4K content.

New approach not only reduces the value of assignments almost twice, but also sets a specific fork from 2.5 to 40 million dollars a year, depending on type of service or the device. In other words, such whales as Apple, Netflix or Samsung will not lose the considerable sums only for maintenance 4K. Anyway, any content which is completely free for viewing will become free from royalty payments. The public television and the websites supported by advertizing should not fork up.

It, of course, will not stop work on alternatives of HEVC, but will help to get rid of a headache during creation of other standards or when leaving from their use, such as VP9 from Google. Also, the new scheme will help to support HEVC on the TVs which are already released 4K, budget and non-profitable smartphones. Many of them already support HEVC, however, there is no confidence that they will be able correctly to work with VP9. Proceeding from it, all of you still will be able to use full 4K on the devices when it becomes a mainstream, thanks to the HEVC format and the new scheme of its licensing and use.

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