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2 years, 11 months ago
Robomobile prototype from Ford

According to the automobile Yahoo Autos, Google and Ford portal integrate with the purpose of creation of joint venture for release of robomobiles. Of information of Yahoo does not disclose the sources.

Last week it became known that Ford is going to test the robomobiles in California next year, and Google has open spaces of California and Texas already plow 53 self-made robomobiles perfecting automatic system of driving.

Looks logical that if Google provides for the enterprise the already not bad fulfilled technology of control of autonomous cars, and Ford – more than century experience of production of cars, it is possible to expect that their efforts will be more effective than if each of the companies was engaged in development of a robomobile alone.

According to a portal, whole three not called sources report that Ford will make the announcement of the plans in January when there takes place from January 6 to January 9 the large international exhibition of consumer Consumer Electronics Show electronics.


The same sources claim that collaboration with Ford will not be exclusive for Google and that the Internet giant conducts negotiations with different carmakers for a long time.

At the same time at the beginning of a year it became known that Google within work on robomobiles is going to start service of automatic taxi on their basis. In December sources in the company reported that Alphabet Inc.,-the umbrella brand which collected in itself all achievements of the giant - will select separate division which will be engaged in a taxi pool from independent machines.

The test machine from Google

It is interesting that chapter of the project of robomobiles in Google, John Krafchik [John Krafcik], within 14 years worked in Ford. Except it, some more people came to this project from Ford, and the former board member of Ford Alan Myyuleli [Alan Mulally] last year joined board of directors in Google.

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