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The Guardian pays attention to two reports of two different organizations in which the question of influence of the Google company on political decisions which are made in higher levels of America is investigated. The interests of the company are represented by at least 162 Congressmen of the USA which receive from the search giant the different sums, ranging from $1000 to $10 000. The list of senators and members of the House of Representatives with indication of the specific sums was created by the Center for Responsive Politics organization.

As it became clear, except legislators in the field of the mediated influence of Google there is also White House, and additional convenience is that the former top manager of Google and the head of Google X Meagen Smith (Megan Smith) works as the executive technical director (CTO) of the residence of the U.S. President. The main interest of Google is now influence of senators of the USA on investigation of the European antimonopoly regulators which threatens the search giant with payment of a fine of $6 billion.

In the report of the Public Citizen organization it is directly said that Google spends for lobbying of the interests much more than other business firms — for the first three quarters 2014 the search giant paid the sum of $18.2 million for benefit of lobbyists. Authors of the report consider that Google" … it becomes silent one of the most influential political organizations" and if sometime society decides that the company too was fond, then it will be very difficult to stop its intervention in life of people.

It is remarkable that Microsoft during antimonopoly trial at the beginning of the 2000th years also tried to work through lobbyists, but Bill Gates's efforts were not crowned with success and all decisions were made without participation of the company. Google was much more successful in this sense, and as Taylor Lincoln (Taylor Lincoln), the director of Public Citizen speaks, the search giant is able to afford in response to publicly voiced concerns just to answer "Trust us" because we do "the correct things".

Oils added two moments to fire. In 2008 on time of presidential elections Barack Obama personally visited office of Google in the Silicon Valley where he flatterly spoke to the company. In reply Eric Schmidt provided to Obama support on elections because "... the president Obama, took me for live when started talking about how to make the world it is better for each of us. Its priorities – attention to middle class, education improvement, care of science: he wants to double the budget on scientific researches. All these important things were absolutely ignored by Bush's administration and Obama's opponents".

As a result, when in 2012 the Federal trade commission of the USA began investigation from the relation of Google on the fact that the company manipulates search results in the interests, everything calmed down by itself after a while and more nobody at the official level remembered a problem. So the main threat for business of Google is now investigation of antimonopoly authorities of the European Union as a result of which the online and business search giant it can be separated into several separate companies.

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