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2 years, 11 months ago
The deputy Vitaly Milonov declared that the iOS 8.3 operating system has to be on sale together with lashes, and the lawyer Vsevolod Sazonov decided to receive from Apple about one million rubles for the fact that his son accidentally saw smiles with the image of nonconventional families. The Moscow City Court refused to recognize gay propaganda similar images in the smartphone and rejected the claim.


Vitaly Milonov in April, 2015 commented on release of iOS 8.3 in which icons with same-sex couples and families appeared, having urged Apple to make the version for Russia without LGBT smiles: "such operating system cannot be on sale in open access, otherwise it has to be on sale as addition or an accessory to leather lashes, gags in a mouth and other muck".

The Moscow lawyer Vsevolod Sazonov purchased iPhone to the six-year-old son. When the boy began to ask the father that is meant by some smiles in phone, Sazonov was forced to take away the device from the child. The lawyer submitted a claim to the Russian supplier of products of Apple on compensation of moral damage in the amount of 985 thousand rubles and demanded to prohibit these smiles in the territory of Russia.

"Tolerant smiles" of Apple not only create in weak consciousness of teenagers of installation of the nonconventional sexual relations, but also, what is worse, promote emergence of interest in such abnormal communications. For this reason parents oppose updating of outlook and sense of justice of children through imposing of idea of "tolerance on the verge of madness" by it, – Vsevolod Sazonov said.

At first the claim rejected Savelovsky Court of Moscow. Then the claim was refused by the Moscow city court: "possible one-time accidental detection in itself by the child of information on the nonconventional relations is not violation of regulations of the legislation". The press service of court explained that "Production and implementation of smatrfon with similar images cannot be regarded as the mentioned type of promotion".

Vsevolod Sazonov

In September administrative proceedings on the Apple company for gay propaganda among minors were initiated by the Kirov UMVD. The statement of the lawyer from Kirov Yaroslav Mikhaylov sent in the summer of 2015 became a reason for check. Mikhaylov considers that actions of the company directly break the regulations of the legislation prohibiting promotion of same-sex relationships.

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