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2 years, 11 months ago
The European Union enters an age limit 16+ on use of social networks

The European Parliament adopted the law on data protection of General Data Protection Regulation which prohibits teenagers to be registered till 16 years on social networks. Under the new law, the company has the right to process personal data of the teenager till 16 years only from a parental consent. It means effective access lock of teenagers in social networks for lack of parent control. And not only in social networks, but also in any other services which process personal data.

The law has to become effective at the beginning of 2017. He by default acts in all 28 European Union countries, but each country has the right to unilaterally lower an age limit for the citizens.

Vote under the bill in European Parliament took place on Tuesday, December 15.

Similar restrictions in the European Union work for children now till 13 years therefore Facebook and other do not allow to be registered to children is younger than this age. The new bill will just raise an age bar from 13 to 16 years.

To be registered in service like Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp or Instagram, the teenager will need to provide an explicit consent of the parent or trustee.

It is interesting that spoke against new rules all: not only the technology companies that is natural, but also the human rights activists acting in protection of children. They warn that new rules considerably complicate use of social networks by teenagers, are entered without consultations and public discussion.

The group of experts and public organizations wrote the open letter to the European legislators in which state the arguments against a new age limit to protection of the rights of children. They point that the bill violates the fundamental rights of children to education and communication.

For the IT companies the main problem in what the new law purely technically will difficult observe. It is unclear, what has to be procedure of receipt of a parental consent and how to check then existence of parent control when using service.

Except increase of an age limit, the rule General Data Protection Regulation enter practice of penalties to 4% of a revenue for the IT companies for violation of the rules of work with personal data of users in online. Besides, the so-called "right to oblivion" (complete removal of personal data from base) is affirmed legislatively now. The Internet companies will be also obliged to report in three-day time about all cracking connected with data leakages. Eventually, rules extend absolutely to all Internet companies, even American if among users there are citizens of the European Union countries.

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