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2 years, 11 months ago
Ford will hold testing of the pilotless cars in California

Next year the Ford company is going to carry out tests of pilotless Fusion Hybrid cars in California. Necessary permission from local authorities is already got. At the same time robomobiles will travel about on public roads in a standalone mode. The person will also be in salon to undertake driving if something goes not so.

A little earlier the company already carried out tests of the management system by the car to models of the city Mcity constructed at Michigan university. The car equipped with four lidars successfully coped with a problem of creation of a 3D map of the district for own system of navigation.

The planned tests are part of the 10-year development plan of the car with robotic management system. At the same time the vendor worries not only about local system, but also about that cars could communicate. It as specialists — necessary part of functionality of cars of the future consider.

Now robomobiles became rather advanced, and Audi, Ford, Mercedes, Google and some other companies are engaged in their development. As for Ford, this company uses the special Fusion Hybrids version. And now tests of robomobiles are resolved not only in this staff now, but also in Nevada, Michigan and Florida.

It is interesting that the companies are engaged not only creation of the whole systems on driving, but also separate elements of such systems. For example, on Friday at once ten autocompanies agreed to equip the machines with the automated brake system which will work if sensors of the car find an obstacle, collision with which is inevitable (here it is meant not only the car, but also any other object which can be dangerous).

The agreement was signed by Audis, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Mazda, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla, Toyota, Volkswagen and Volvo. The companies promised to build in soon similar system all the cars, but, unfortunately, date of implementation of the project is unknown. Nevertheless, this quite interesting achievement as the called companies make more than a half (57%) of all cars in a year.

There is still opportunity that officials will not wait until the companies voluntarily begin to fulfill this obligation. It is quite probable that the law obliging vendors of cars to install automatic system of braking in each new car shortly will be just issued.

According to specialists, such step will help to reduce the number of accidents by 80% only in the USA. In this country as a result of accidents 1700 people perish, and injuries of different weight are got by 500 thousand people.

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