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2 years, 10 months ago
CES, or Consumer Electronics Show – taking place in Las Vegas, the State of Nevada, a trade exhibition of innovations of the technology world. Exactly here in different years the videorecorder, the sound card, the netbook and devices for the Android were for the first time provided. Here vendors from around the world annually show what they are capable of. The next exhibition will take place on January 6-9, 2016, and in the run-up to this event we decided to remember what products and technologies for the smart house became favourites of the expiring year.

Innovations of an exhibition of household innovations of CES 2015
The sensor for Edyn plants – a component of an ecosystem of the smart house

In 2015 at an exhibition so much household equipment was provided that practically all showroom was similar to one smart house. The output arose by itself: connected home, house automation – any more not a concept. It is reality.

The provided developments pursue two absolutely accurate aims. The first is a simplification of everyday life, and the second – automation of routine house processes. Why to wait until the washing machine completes washing before beginning following? The new washing machine erases for two. You do not manage to water house plants in time? The special application and the smart flowerpot made under it will remove this problem. Even it is possible to zakipyatit water for tea so elaborately now what you wonder – as you could listen to whistle of a teapot on a plate all these years?

Interesting smart products was valid much, we selected a little. The market of smart houses – rather new therefore it is interesting to observe the one who as a result will capture attention of consumers. And, of course, there is open a question whether consumers want to automate the houses or not.

Innovations of an exhibition of household innovations of CES 2015
The double washing machine from LG

Of course, LG Twin Wash to a large extent the household device, than than a component for the smart house, nevertheless, it deserves separate attention. It is the washing machine in the washing machine. Or, speaking more simply – two washing machines in one. On top the drum, and below – a drawer for additional washing is located the standard sizes. As a result time for washing is saved twice because it is at the same time possible to erase two loadings.

Innovations of an exhibition of household innovations of CES 2015
Flowers on an automatic pilot

Parrot Pot contains the reservoir with water which uses for watering while you as usual wait until your flower dries up. The device is connected on Bluetooth — not the best choice of a wireless communication for the smart house. But waters in it is located for three months of watering, and the built-in sensors take light indicators, temperatures and qualities of the soil.

Innovations of an exhibition of household innovations of CES 2015
Smart teapot

The Smarter company provided iKettle. It is connected on Wi-Fi to Android or the iOS-device and allows to select temperature, and also persistently calls you on kitchen when it is reached. And still he reminds to add in him waters. The magnificent solution for a workplace bringing a variety household routine. In the near future the company is going to equip with Wi-Fi the coffee machine.

Innovations of an exhibition of household innovations of CES 2015
Facial recognition of the house

The Netatmo Welcome camera this year was awarded sets of reviews and references everywhere where it is only possible. And all only because it is supplied with system of facial recognition and can always answer the question "Who Houses". She helps to monitor children, and also is useful in security systems. The events can be seen far off in the mode layv, here only data are stored on the local SD card. But if the camera has success, perhaps, this small shortcoming will be cleaned.

Innovations of an exhibition of household innovations of CES 2015
The switch for Apple's HomeKit

The switch which and is called "Switch" or Switch from the iDevices company is integrated with Apple's HomeKit. It allows to control, include, switch off from any wearable device, and also to set the schedule for fans, humidifiers, light, a sound – anything. As usual for iOS of devices, differs in graceful design, but is not a monopolist on pleasant appearance for devices of this sort.

Innovations of an exhibition of household innovations of CES 2015
Smart toothbrushing

Oral-B added Bluetooth to the Pro SmartSeries 7000 toothbrush that the user could be sure that he brushes teeth in strict accordance with recommendations of doctors. The device in your smartphone prompts what part of a mouth now to clean, lets know if you too press on a gum and marks two minutes put for cleaning. If added elements of gamification, the push-notification for activation of process of toothbrushing and achievement to the application, then, perhaps, beautiful smiles really can become more!

Innovations of an exhibition of household innovations of CES 2015
Saving of food fresh

Cooking under vacuum of the house became an independent and demanded culinary trend, be not surprised. The Anova company developed it in a smart key, having added Wi-Fi to the Anova Touch device. Via the device it is possible to manage far off cooking, changing parameters of temperature and finishing process. If you are delayed from work – just reduce rate of cooking and come to well made dinner. They say that the food cooked thus fantastically tasty. You have an opportunity it to check.

Innovations of an exhibition of household innovations of CES 2015
Smart ventilation

The Keen company added automation there where and not at once you will guess it to add – to an air vent. Supplied with temperature sensors and pressure, Smart Vent, analyzes indicators of air and banishes air on the house. Result – economy on accounts for the electric power since it reduces load of conditioning systems and heating. It is connected to the smartphone, gives the chance to set the user temperature zones in different parts of the house. Besides, developers did not forget that it is, after all, a decor element therefore it is possible to pick up the type of the device which is in harmony with your interior.

Apparently, not all devices will become part of an ecosystem of the smart house. Some of them treat this concept rather narrowly – within connection of the device to the application. Some devices, for example a pot for watering of plants – it is probable, will not be repaid economically. Many just make advances to smart subject that they selected their teapot, but not any other. And then it is more likely a craze. The most interesting is to monitor the one which of the companies taking shy steps towards automation as a result will convince consumers and will create the new direction of smart home devices without which we will not be able to provide each day. And will provide itself enormous profits in a mass segment. Let's look what will show January of the next year!

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Innovations of an exhibition of household innovations of CES 2015

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