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What features of smart technologies are used by architects and designers during creation of the projects? It can be as the complex ideas integrated by a common goal – for example, creation of the "green" house, and separate design solutions for target rooms. Today we will tell how in your house technologies, architecture and an interior meet.


Provide that you come back home after the long working day. You open a door, and the light is softly turned on – as you love. On hours 19:58, and by that moment as you took off a coat and street footwear, the sports transmission which you will watch from a drawing room has to begin. The TV is turned on. You delete the message that the TV wrote for you a preliminary match, and begin to watch show, however the signal from kitchen stops your viewing and asks you to come. It was your refrigerator: it gave a signal that your favourite drink in it cooled down up to the necessary temperature. You take one small bottle and want to take a little food, but the refrigerator shows you the notification that this food, perhaps, is already delayed. Along with it it gathers phone of delivery of food and you need only to manage to get the smartphone from a pocket because on that end are already ready to listen to you. You do the order and return to the TV, continue to watch show, and here the smart house notifies you that you forgot to include signaling, but – nothing terrible – he made it for you any more. You relax and continue to watch transmission while to your house your dinner already goes.

Of course, this scenario "is a little more fancy", than it is actually in smart houses which are under construction worldwide presently. Today the majority of efforts of architects and interior designers in the field of cooperation with suppliers of systems are concentrated around a smaller number of problems which, nevertheless, create a cosiness and comfort of the modern smart house.

Despite a disgusting soundtrack, video not bad tells about one dnyo of life in completely automated house.

Eco-friendly houses

The whole direction of green architecture is inseparably linked with technologies. Here it is possible to select two main directions. The first is an economy of energy and resources (water) due to installation of certain settings of behavior of the smart house (heating of the room), motion sensors or a voice (inclusion of light), sensors of leakages, etc. LED illumination use also belongs to methods of economy.

The second direction is already actually systems of reproduction of resources. For the electric power it, first of all, there will be photovoltaic solar arrays which find broad application in the warmest and solar parts of the planet. For water systems of cleaning like that can be provided that it is built in this green project along with solar batteries and heated floors.


We already wrote about the house to Miami which not only provides itself(himself) with energy, but also sells part to her local housing and communal services. This house by the sea in San Francisco does not use system of forced conditioning. Its design provides the correct use of a sea breeze for maintenance of the necessary microclimate indoors.


Almost all smart houses for the purpose of economy of costs for conditioning are equipped with blinds or curtains which are programmed on covering the house from excessive lighting with the sun and, as a result, unwanted heating of the room.

Creation of the atmosphere indoors

The house from this video is equipped with almost all types of products for smart houses, however almost from a threshold the presenter of the program pays attention to lighting setup. All preseta are made according to a certain functionality of this or that room. Further, at the command of the smartphone or voice command (depending on settings of the general system of the house) it is enough to set the necessary mood and lighting will adapt to it. In such big room it is really convenient to set the Party parameter and to see how lighting will rise at once "as it is necessary". And as it has to look is a problem which is solved by the designer.


The necessary atmosphere is set not only by lighting, but also the correct sound. This project in Seoul executed by Iridium Mobile manages lighting on zones, allows to use a dimmirovaniye (soft muting of light). It manages the equipment for a sound of Hi-Fi and the home theater which, depending on the implemented scenario, can expose all necessary settings both for viewing of cinema, and for listening of different styles of music.

To set the tone


Provide that walls of your house can be also programmed under different cases and they will change the texture or drawing on a given command. The similar design approach became possible thanks to the development provided at the CES exhibition (the international show of household goods) this year based on electronic ink.

The similar solution needs to be approved with the architect and the designer first of all because it is necessary to select not only color, but also both a pattern, and frequency of its change, and also to think over relevance of these parameters for this or that situation.



The modern bathroom can be equipped not only screens and a sound, to be programmed on a certain tune or the channel in the mornings. You noticed sometime that the mirror in expensive hotel or a Spa center does not mist over? The similar defoger is built in in this project.

Esthetic party


It is the home theater with a projector in the British city of Aylesbury which creators hid all wires therefore they do not spoil design.
When developing this sort of the media room as design project it is possible to consider this moment and practically to deprive the room of visible presence of any switching. So the smart technology integrated with design gives esthetically complete space.

As the design and smart technologies are combined

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